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About February 17, 2007

My wife S. and I are trying so hard to have a 2nd baby. We have a 2 1/2 year old son, LM (Little Monster), who I gave birth to. His known donor (KD) is S’s brother (referred to as UD), so LM is related to both of us. It worked the first try. We had no fucking idea how lucky we were.

We started trying to have our second child a year and a half ago. First potential KD didn’t work out. Neither did our second one…Mr. Gay Sperm Man. He wanted to much involvement. Neither did our 3rd, The Fireman. He just wasn’t right. So we moved on to frozen, and were feeling great about it when our perfect KD showed up (Previous Potential Known Donor, PPKD and his wife, The Wife). Long story short, they said yes…it was almost the happiest we have ever been. Then they (well she) changed it to a maybe and then, ultimately, months later said no. We moved onto frozen again, but felt shitty about it, and the 2 IUIs failed.

Then a good friend of mine offered her husband. So we switched to our final KD. After four failed fresh inseminations it was time for some testing and medical interventions. At that time we went through the gut wrenching process of deciding how mush S really wanted to be pregnant, and ultimately she made a huge sacrifice. We decided for me to go again, and asked her brother and his wife. We were utterly shocked when they said “we can’t do it right now,” indefinitely, and without explanation. Holy crap. I hate writing this is in such an abbreviated manor. It takes the pain out of it.

Anyhoo, we switched back to S (she got an HSG) because we can’t wait again for what might be a no from UD and his wife, even though we want more than anything, at this point, to have a full sibling for LM, and a pregnancy already. Fuck. I guess that’s it.

I’m getting better at waiting.

So after 6 tries fresh tries and some bad experiences at the RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) our regular OB prescribed Clomid. Bam. Pregnant. Then some bad ultrasounds later: Miscarriage at 8 weeks. Painful D & C. Fuck.

Tried again: Nope

Tried again with Clomid: Nope.

Tried AGAIN with Clomid and hcG  trig.ger sh.ot: Pregnant.

6w3d ultrasound: confusing.



10 Responses to “About”

  1. oneofhismoms Says:

    Ahhhh. The waiting game. I don’t see a link to your email here, but I wanted you to know that I wrote about your blog in my blog. Blah Blah Blah. Anyway, I blog with some other women who for some reason don’t want a huge list of other blogs in our sidebar, so I can’t leave you up there all the time, as I’d like. I’m glad I figured out how to slip your blog in there anyway. My fingers are crossed for you. I have to go pee on an OPK stick myself.

  2. oneofhismoms Says:

    Oops. That’s The post is called “Other People’s Lawn Ornaments.”

  3. donna Says:

    you’re a riot, just found your blog and read a slew of it. Sorry you’re down in the dumps…trying and not conceiving sucks wads, been there myself. me and the little lady have a 1 year old. our desire for similiar looking kids (read: bi-racial) will prevent them from being bio-linked…and that kinda sucks too. Clone that little mermaid, he sounds like a charmer!

  4. wishingfor#2 Says:

    hi, just found your blog via lesbian families. wanted to know how old the two of you are? my partner and i have been TTC #2 for almost 2 years now, and we’re 40. it’s been a rough road, but we just learned that i have scar tissue blocking one tube (from my c-section), so once that’s addressed, we’ll hopefully have a chance. it was so easy with #1. we had no idea how lucky we were! our daughter is almost 4 now and we are so hoping to give her a sibling…


  5. birdyj Says:

    I hear you…. good luck w/ everything. My girl and I are also on this journey right now. You can check us out at

  6. La La Says:

    I just wanted to let you know I discovered your blog a few days ago and have really enjoyed reading all about your journey. I’m sorry this week has been stressful, but I’m sending lots of good vibes your way…I’m sure it will all turn out fine. I must have missed how you finally managed to have IUI using fresh KD sperm? I am having the same issue here. I have a donor I want to use to lives out of state and I can’t find a Dr or clinic or even a midwife who will agree to do it – or even answer my email for that matter. =) Anyhow, hope to be reading great news for you two soon.

  7. Bianca Says:

    Would seriously like to know what part of the US you live in so I hire you to make a cake. I’d pay for one of your beautiful creations. So, am I lucky enough to have you in So. Cal?

  8. Kris Says:

    This can be a challenging journey. Hang in there! 26 you are getting close. Keep us posted :). Our journey is blogged at Visit us!

  9. bleu Says:

    Hey, can you email me please, I do not have an email for you.

  10. rhapsody1110 Says:

    hey there. you don’t know me, but i’ve been a reader for bit. i noticed you haven’t posted in a long time, and i’m really curious about how your experimentation with drinking again was/has been going. i’m currently in the same boat: sober for 10 years, and testing the alcohol waters again. would love an update. 🙂

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