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untitled April 21, 2009

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so thank you for the help the other day. it prevented me from doing a lot of very unnecessary lecturing.

my friend stopped everything unsavory and her partner never found out (as it usually should be because often the telling is really about the cheater trying to relieve their own guilt). i was honest with my friend in a loving way (i’m upset, i’m disappointed, scared but i love you and how can i help you make things better) and she was honest back, and we are doing pretty okay. but anyway, i am back-ish.

littleO loves kitties so much that i cannot show her any books with kitties in them at the library or bookstore because she SCREAMS at them and shrieks at the top of her lungs and people do not think it is cute. oh and she has no teeth. lets see, what else can i say? be patient people, i am WAY out of practice here. i can’t even come up with a title.


hi people April 14, 2009

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yes i am shamelessly writing now because i need help. sorry. i don’t blame anyone for skipping the post or not replying at all. anyway. first a quick update then onto my problem. here is a pic (it is the most recent one i could find on the computer i am on) of littleO:
she is almost a year old now! holy. she’s absolutely fucking brilliant and hysterical and challenging. and my smarty is such an amazing big brother, i could weep just thinking about it. he’s currently obsessed with Tinkerbell and Star Wars. he calls the character General Grievous “genital grievous” and of course we do not correct him.

onto my problem. one of my bestest friends (in real life – not in blogland) is, i just found out, having an affair. WTF is my effing role? I am so MAD. I understand the reasons, but we are family friends, and I just want to lecture her and make her listen to me tell her how mad I am and say “how dare you” and stuff like that. but honestly I have no idea what my role is here. i have never been through this before. they have kids. i love her partner. they are having marital difficulties. we go on vacations with them. WTF do i DO?