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slightly inspired January 29, 2009

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I am a little inspired by the recent blog flurry over at my friend/donor-for-littleO’s wife’s blog. I am having an interesting time with the drinking. I really love it. Maybe too much. Maybe not. I went to a training for my work for adoption related issues and it was VERY interesting in terms of how to talk to kids about the truth of their biology. According to their research (a leading center in the field of adoption) you should be talking about the donor, or bio parent from birth. Wondering if the child got their eye color from him, wondering all manner of things out loud. You are not supposed to wait until the child brings it up. It is supposed to be integrated into all aspects of the child’s life. Not that it should be talked about all the time or anything. It was very interesting to learn that it is not supposed to be a wait-till-they ask deal. One is supposed to bring it up in an age appropraiate manner whenever the subject naturally arises (like a discussion of eye color, genes, etc.) I am surprised by how often these topics come up. How do you people handle this issue?