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how do you do it? December 31, 2008

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how do you people keep your house clean??? i’m not talking about spotless, just company worthy…unembarrassing…not  gross. we just can’t seem to make it happen and we are constantly doing a binge-purge system which doesn’t work AT ALL. everyone i know who has a clean house was born that way or learned it in young adulthood. we are both slobs who hate living in a chaotic household. what can we effing do?


12 Responses to “how do you do it?”

  1. k77 Says:

    I do not know. We are the same way plus house is too small, no storage areas etc etc

  2. Calliope Says:

    It is so so hard. I try to have a schedule- the kitchen gets cleaned every day. As in I can’t go to bed if there are dishes to be done, counters to be wiped down. Bathrooms and sheet changing gets done once a week- usually on an early weekend morning. General tidying? Usually I wait too long and get all exasperated around once a month. Mopping? um…only when sticky. Vacuuming? not as often as I should.
    um. yeah. I’m no help!

  3. Lyn Says:

    Ask me again when we have two kids to keep up with, but for now we *usually* manage to get the kitchen wiped up and dishes done before bed. In the ideal world we start one load of laundry (if needed, which it usually is) in the morning, and dry it at night. We try to take on one job that actually really improves the state of things on Sunday, but that doesn’t always happen. Mostly we try to focus on eating, dishes and laundry when the going gets tough, and focus on doing some every single day. Oh, our other strategy is that our house is really small, so you really can clean the whole thing in an hour. Oh–and we were both slobs before. Now, judging by our friend’s houses, I’d say we’re middling to tidy, even compared to some people who hire someone to help clean. My wife is the one that started our reformation with the help of

  4. nycphoenix Says:

    mikey is a neat freak and i am not so the only rules we have is to aim for somewhat sanitary and then clean on weekends. these are the things in place now:

    dishes washed and counters wiped before bedtime

    litter poop flushed and a brief scrub with toilet brush (no soap just scrub) by last person to use bathroom

    When i take a shower, i clean the hair trap and take a cleaning rag in with me. I do a quick run through on the tub with the rag while waiting for conditioner. no soap, just a wipe down.

  5. Pronoia Says:

    Um, cry? That is how we do it. Well, how we attempt it, since our house is SO not that neat or that clean very often.

    But we keep trying. I’m on a throw-it-all-away kick right now. The less in the house, the more it can actually have its own place that we can, you know, remember.

    We’re actually doing a household task list complete with places for stickers — and using the stickers. Hell, if it makes our inner 4-year-olds happy….

    But really? We fall down and we get up. We’re great about it for a while, and then we have a weekend with no time for errands or tasks, and everything goes to hell in a handbasket and we get overwhelmed and let it go and then we have to spend a weekend being crazy and sad about it. And then we’re great about it for a while….

  6. Cori Says:

    HAHA!!! Welcome to my home.

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Welcome back!

    This is what I do, and it is super cheesy: I set the timer for 5 minutes or 6 or 10…a random low number, and I get as much done in, say, the kitchen in that time. Because I am so competitive i compete with myself. I ca empty the dishwasher; fill it back up; clean up breakfast, set coffee for next day and decide on dinner in the time. When the timer rings and if the girls are not around me, I repeat. Also, I clean while I am on the phone with anyone. The phone rings and I pick it up along with a dust rag.

  8. Kim Says:

    My goal is to never let it get bad so it doesn’t ever seem overwhelming. Always do dishes right after dinner, make The Boy put away toys before getting out new ones, and never go to bed without everything put away. Now about the “heavier duty” stuff? I SUCK! Truth be told, I have a housekeeper that comes every 2 weeks and she is the only one who ever vacuums, mops, cleans showers/toilets… I guess that’s why the other stuff is do-able. Probably doesn’t help you guys, but that’s how it works at my house and it is always pretty “company friendly.”

  9. Like Cali, we have a schedule. We’ve only started this since Teddy arrived and I went back to work, but without it, I think we’d die. We schedule both cleaning chores and menus so there is as little to think about during the week as possible, and we try to balance chore and meal complexity against what else happens that day of the week. It’s very rigid, but otherwise… chaos. And we don’t stick to it perfectly, but it makes us that much more aware of what needs to be done and what’s building up if we don’t. Our house still looks like crap sometimes, too.

  10. Meredith Says:

    We gave up. We have our house cleaned once ever two weeks and schedule all our company around those times.

    On weeks when we don’t have it cleaned, before we allow ourselves to do anything on Saturday, we clean the kitchen, “tidy up” the living room and sweep the floors- which get TOTALLY out of control with dogs and cats. I total don’t understand how anyone keeps control of their coffee table/mail. It takes me 30 minutes on Saturday to digest/shred all the junk!

  11. oneofhismoms Says:

    Barbara. She comes every other week. $70. Worth every penny. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone.

    Still, we have piles of papers and crap that I was telling my honey tonight makes one corner of the house look like one of those hoarders lives here.

  12. ezk Says:

    Will you please tell complicated momma to get help? She’s an addict and is putting her children in danger. I know you have a lot on your plate right now but I am seriously worried about these children. Please step in, talk to her husband or something! Taking care of your children while high/drunk or both is abuse-plain and simple.

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