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holy fuck people September 27, 2008

Filed under: ttc — charlotte @ 12:42 pm

the drinking. the wine tasting? a corona with lime and salt with a delicious mexican lunch? i had no idea.

more later.

p.s. thank you for all of the lengthy comments. I LOVE lengthy comments.


4 Responses to “holy fuck people”

  1. tonya cinnamon Says:

    you know ive never had a corona with my pollo jalisco ..hmm only just marguritas…. thats a good idea though 🙂
    glad you had a great time ^_^

  2. girlranting Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, and I’m also glad you could do it without the angst and the guilt you were obviously feeling at choosing to do so.

    I’m also glad you enjoy lengthy comments, because sometimes I can’t avoid hijacking them when it’s a subject like the one before 😉

  3. whathef*ck Says:

    salt? where does the salt go? have i been missing something?

  4. girlranting Says:

    Where the salt goes depends on the bottling your beer comes in. If it’s a can, you sprinkle salt near the mouth and squeeze lemon onto it, that way you get a sip each time you drink.

    If it’s a bottle, you can either put some in the bottle (not recommended, it makes it foam over) or lick back of hand, sprinkle some salt and lick again, then take a swig. Kind of like a tequila shot.

    Or you could always rim a glass kind of like for a margarita and serve the beer in there. It works.

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