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i’m on a diet. July 12, 2008

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and by diet i mean “lifestyle change” and by lifestyle change i mean “weight watchers”, because i have been totally unsuccessful on my own. i am 30 lbs heavier that before i got pregnant, and i just can’t seem to loose the weight, or accept myself as i am. unlie some folks who embrace their curves, i just feel fat and unhealthy. i don’t like my muffin top, or the fact that my previously sculpted, lovely collar bones have disappeared. but i’m not focusing on that stuff. i’m feeling very very hopeful about this issue for the first time in years. i have some friends at work who do the program, so i’m doing a modified version (no meetings) and we’ll see how it goes. so far i’m not feeling deprived, and being tall (skinny me is 160 lbs) gives me way more points (thus more food) than my poor short friends.

have any of you successfully done weight watchers or a similar deal? any advice? so far i’m on day four! and i’m not cheating. and for the first time, like, ever, i’m finding it easy to leave food on my plate. oh, additional motivation is that S and I are renewing our vows in 3 weeks, because we can now GET MARRIED in this fine state.


11 Responses to “i’m on a diet.”

  1. gypsygrrl Says:

    WW is a good and do-able plan.
    hmmm… i am getting ready to start again… too bad we cant have an IVP-chapter of WW. that could be fun…

    congrats on the legal vow renewal!!! EXCITING!!! šŸ™‚

  2. cannoli Says:

    just wanted to delurk to let you know I am on starting week 44
    4 of ww and lost 10.6 at the meetings their are 2 who have
    lost 89 and 99 pounds respectively so it can be done. email
    me if you need some support

  3. meanmama Says:

    I did ww online before my last pregnancy and lost 12 pounds, my goal. now i have to start all over again, of course.

  4. Crystal Says:

    I was on WW for 15 weeks and lost almost 20 lbs. It was an awesome program and easy to follow!

  5. Good luck! I am a diet, gym, excercise failure…

    WOO HOO on your state FINALLY allowing legalized unions for all!

  6. R Says:

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding šŸ™‚

    i did weight watchers 6 years ago and lost 100 pounds. I quit smoking 3 years ago and have gained 20 of them back. i was also married and did not care about the gain. Since newly single, i am trying again to lose it. I tried it on my own without following points and nothing. Last week, i followed points to a T and lost 3 pounds. So, for me, there is something to be said about following it. And WATER! WATER! WATER!!

  7. meredith Says:

    delurking…i have been on WW for 8 weeks and have lost 13 lbs….15 more to go post-baby. i didn’t think i’d like the meetings, but they now are my favorite part of the program. great place for support, ideas, and accountability. i bring my 11-month-old, too! good luck!

  8. reproducinggenius Says:

    Delurking to say I’ve had a lot of success with WW. I lost 35 pounds the first time and another 25 the next time. It’s so doable. I’m actually doing your modified version right now (counting points without the meetings) because it always works. Good luck!

  9. holly Says:

    I had much success with WW (when I did it). I lost 17 lbs in my first 2.5 months. Then, I started cheating.
    I’m down 30 lbs so far and am back on the wagon, bound and determined to lose another 25.
    I’m going to get my weight loss blog back in full swing (
    I do find that I am most successful on WW than any other diet/plan. It’s the most sensible and reasonable. And I can have my occasional beer and some nachos so long as I write it down. I also find that I must write it down. Absolutely.
    Best of luck!

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