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i have the hoof and mouth thing June 30, 2008

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Coxsackie. Including blisters on my tonsils. fun times. this is the same “rare” illness that Bri had a month ago. it is a common baby/toddler disease which adults supposedly don’t get. ridiculous. anyway, it sucks ass to be sick in a house with 2 kids and a depressed postpartum partner. yes, she is. she’s at what she calls her ‘depression class’, as i type. i try, to no avail, to get her to call it a support group, but whatev. this is a shitty week in the dosmamas household. times where we are all tired and ungenerous…where everyone needs taking care of and everyone is slightly exhausted and resentful. but Smarty did say to me last night “”mom, i’m so sorry you’re feeling bad,” yes he did, then he patted me, “do you want me to rub your feet?”  then he scratched the bottom of my feet.


8 Responses to “i have the hoof and mouth thing”

  1. tonya cinnamonn Says:

    awweee i hope you feel better soon.. my son had that to ,he was miserable for about 1 week. lots of popscicles helped .
    hugs to you all…

  2. gypsygrrl Says:

    sorry you are all feeling yucky and all. but man, that smarty… *i* am revocering from brochitis and he made ME feel better. all the way from across the country.

    love and hugs!

  3. Calliope Says:

    wish I could do something to help, because two not 100% parents must not be fun.
    sending love and wishing there was an internet pink dot

  4. jay Says:

    hope everything gets better soon. xx

  5. complicatedmama Says:

    oh brutal. hard times at your house, huh? here too.

    pretty sweet of smarty to scratch your blistery hooves. that’s gotta cheer a girl up a little. or not.

    mwah. call me if you need someone else to be miserable with.

  6. bleu Says:

    Just sending lots of love.

  7. bri Says:

    What the hell? Did we pass it around in some magical virtual contagion? I am sorry. It sucks. Wes got the spots, too, while he was in Spain. I am also very sorry that S. needs depression class. We think that name is adorable, though. We miss you guys. And love you.

  8. Kirsten Says:

    Ohhh no! I totally understand what you are going through with the coxsackie. I had it back in December and no one else in my household had it. Strange. Anyway, the narcotics they prescribed didn’t help. My mother was mad that they didn’t prescribe me an antibiotic “to prevent secondary infection”…well I guess my mom DOES know what she’s talking about because after two weeks of coxsackie ulcers, I developed a strep infection. It was NOT a fun Christmas. Hope you heal soon. Take good care of your family. It will all be ok I believe. Hope you two have spoken to a doctor about the postpartum depression… Chin up!

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