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i have not fallen off the face of the earth June 20, 2008

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what i have done is enter the obsessive reading phase. it happens every few years, when i have starved myself of good reading. suddenly i will order 19 books and read one every day. i will stay up until 1 or 2 am, when i force myself to sleep. i read at stoplights. not that i have an obsessive personality or anything.

current books, you might wonder? some anne lamott, some ‘pillars of the earth’, some vampire novels (actually a series of teen vampire novels from the young adult section .) When i bought them i asked for a brown paper bag and hoped the clerk thought it was for my niece. i might as well be honest with y’all, seeing that we discuss cervical fluid and all our deep and petty fears. oh, i also read ‘ex!t to eden’ by anne r!ce, writing under a stupid alias. don’t you love how smart and literary i am? i really do have a graduate degree you know. i’ll read pillars of the earth next – but only because the final book in my vampire series is not out until august. but it may also improve my self esteem to read an book that isn’t embarrassing to buy.

more chicky picture soon.

othermotherhood is rough.

visiting WTF and family this weekend. this is the first time rocket man (our donor) and their 3 children will meet our chicky. i’m a little nervous but i don’t know why.



8 Responses to “i have not fallen off the face of the earth”

  1. dayzofrain Says:

    Don’t be ashamed! The young adult section has good books.

    While you’re waiting for that last book you should check out the Libba Bray books (also from the young adult section- but let me tell you I was goin crazy for the last book to come out and when it did I was sooo there).

  2. sn Says:

    *exactly* how i read. enjoy without shame. if you read anything you love, i’d love recommendations.

    have a great visit.

  3. ohchicken Says:

    aw anne lamott. i love her so much. i’ve always wanted her to be my best friend.

  4. Chicory Says:

    I also buy a lot of books from the young adult section. the best ones have all the complexity and drama of an adult book, but without all the gratuitous violence and sex that sometimes seems so pointless in adult books. Which vampire series? I’m looking for new books to read…

  5. ~ d Says:

    I remember feeling a little wonky about Bub meeting our donor for the first time (Tig’s bro) even though he was only 4wks old. I don’t know why either – I remember being worried that he would reject his young or something, I don’t know, I had the post-partum crazies. I think I felt a little nervy when our other donor met Ms. Baby too, I was the UthaMutha in that situation, and we were still in the hospital when he came up to see us. I’m sure it will go fine, but I wanted to give a nod to the nerves.

  6. neeekeee Says:

    good for you!

    I do this too with books- like feast or famine- and when I worked at a sucky job I definitley read at stoplights during my 13mile/1hour commute.

    Hope the books are great!

  7. Clare Says:

    Lordy did this post set off at our place. Not cause of the books thou – it was the othermother comment. Reading it I said aloud ‘gawd, poor thing she really is suffering through that first othermother bit’ she said ‘what do you mean? is she struggling to love the baby’. Well did I go off. ‘It is not about love, it is about knowing and trying to find your place and relevance blah blah blah I went on and on. I wish I was one of those people who would wait cause I realise now that – unlike usually, I had managed to keep quiet enough about my own stuff to her about that she wasn’t that aware I thought I had dealt with it all so well…sigh … how many times has it come up since then! Mind you it is actually much better now that he is older…..

  8. Kirsten Says:

    Hey, where the “young adult” vampire books by Christopher Pike…as in the Last Vampire series??? If so, I used to read them when I was a young teenager and I LOVED them though I believed the content to be too mature for me at the time. I want to find them again and read them.

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