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thanks May 28, 2008

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things are better. thank you so much for all of your support, and comments. love the comments. i felt better right after posting. free therapy, i’m telling you. i am trying. enjoying some sweet moments with her. trying on the fact that she is mine. i think i want to change her blog name to Chicky. i have mnay thoughts, provoked by your many thoughtful comments, but i started work this week and have no time to blog tonight. oh, i am pumping, in the hopes that i’ll be able to relactate and she will want to nurse with me. i’m finding that holding her close and the few times she did comfort nurse were the times i felt closest to her. but it is hard and not very motivating…the pump. hate that thing. anyone had any luck inducing lactation? it hurts. and i’m getting discouraged and it has only been 3 days of earnest pumping. i think it will be worth it? more later. btw, her butt is so very small.


6 Responses to “thanks”

  1. Jean Says:

    I have had that luck before. After I weaned Charlie we had friends who had been formula feeding their baby, but she started to have real reflux problems so that went to donated breastmilk. I used domperidone, and it really, really helps. Order it offline, and this site will give you some good info – I had a lot of luck with it, and everyne else that I know that has used it has as well.

  2. meanmama Says:

    Haven’t been in your situation, but I thought your last post was amazing. So well-written for such an emotional post (I know that good writing was probably not your goal, but you achieved it anyway). I don’t know what it’s like to be the other mother, expect that all of my babies have been in the NICU for their first weeks of life (we are on week 6 with this one), and that makes me not really feel like the mother yet. There will come a time when I will, but for now visiting the baby is like visiting someone I don’t know all that well, even though he came out of me and all. It feels like the nurses know him better sometimes. It’s not a good feeling, and even though our situations are so different, I do sympathize with you.
    You’re right, pumping does suck big time. Sometimes it’s even kind of like a slap in the face. It gets old so fast. But if you think that it may be a means to an end, then try to keep going – the longer and more frequent the pump session the better. Thinking of you.

  3. Lo Says:

    You can check out my friend’s website, (she’s had huge success inducing lactation)

    The other mother stuff is tough. These days it’s much easier for me. There are times when Co hands me the baby and he bursts into tears, and I hate that, but I remind myself it just means he’s hungry. (and it does) When I go out in the world with Jo, people assume he’s mine. They give me seats on the subway. He grins when I come home and we have our special songs and tickle spots. I feed him bottles and he plays with my fingers and pulls my hair. That will all come with Chicky…I haven’t had the boob closeness, so I can’t sympathize with losing it, but I can say that now at 5 months, I have a physical relationship with Jo that it feels as though he came out of my body. (Of course, I never have given birth, so it could be I would know he *wasn’t* so close if I really had……)

  4. shelli Says:

    It was hard with Malka at first (our cheeky, by the by), as neither of us are the bio-mom, but after the insanity of sleep deprivation went away, and routine kicked in, well, wow.

    I’ll be working on inducing for #2, Malka happened too fast. But from all I understand, domperidone is the way to go…

  5. dlvc Says:

    Good job reaching out. Someday Chicky will reach back. She really will.

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