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ouch May 10, 2008

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our lactation consultant said that it would be a good idea for me to do some supplementing (to give S’s poor boobs a break). so i have used S’s pumped milk to supplement littleo a few times. we put her milk in a syringe attached to a tiny tube that is placed in her mouth with my n!pple. OUCH. she’s a naughty little biter. S is thrilled to have me confirm this about our tiny daughter. she is a rascal.

i just stopped breastfeeding our son about a year ago, and we are deciding, i think, to both breastfeed littleo. we were not sure, either of us, if it would feel weird. but it doesn’t. the first time i comfort nursed her, i cried. i can’t describe how strange it felt to have a baby that i was not nursing. only because it was what i did to comfort Smarty for almost 2 1/2 years. so nursing littleo deeply confirmed for me how mine she is. S did not do this with Smarty, but i think she would have if she had nursed previously. it is lovely to have the support of our lactation consultants, and i will only be supplementing her for a week or so and then pumping for for 4-6 weeks so that S can establish a hearty supply. S is surprised by how good it feels to have me helping with the nursing. it is bonding and happy for all of us. so far. we’ll see how it goes.

S and i will each have littleo 2 days per week when S returns to work in a few months so it would be very handy to both have the boob magic…and it will put less pressure on S to pump like crazy while she is working. but nursing hurts in the beginning (hurts like a motherfucker, truly), and i don’t know that i will really have the sticktoitiveness to pump for 4 weeks to build up my supply. because, ouch.

also, i wish that there was not still a small part of me that felt strange about this…partly because we don’t know anyone else who has done it. any advice? support? thoughts?

update: goddammit, i just realized that i might (will?) have to give up my beloved wellbutr!n. nonono. this definitely gives me pause.

(birth story to come, in installments.)
oh, and have you seen “fl!ght of the concords”? funny ass show, that.

eff. these posts are getting randomer and randomer (yes i know that randomer is not a word.) jesus, look at all my crazy parentheses.



16 Responses to “ouch”

  1. sn Says:

    no advice, sorry. but lots of support. what you’re doing is powerful and inspiring.

  2. ohchicken Says:

    h and i talked a lot about this, but decided against it, ultimately, since she’d have to give up her meds. she needs the meds.

    if you can pull it off, i will be so happy for you! (and if you can’t, well, of course i am still happy for you.)

    and as for the conchords? rock.
    i think that the bowie episode may be my favorite.

  3. ciaochow Says:

    wow, i haven’t heard of that before but it’s very inspiring. can you tell me what brand name or what that instrument is called? i love the idea.

  4. Well, I had milk for a long time after I stopped nursing my daughter, so could have done what you’re doing. Don’t have any advice, but I think it’s a great idea if you can both do it. Takes the pressure off just one of you, and ensures that littleo will have a great supply of nourishment.


  5. They did it all the time in Pioneer Days. Milk Maidens, I think they called them. Sorry about the biting. GREAT way to bond tho with your sweet little baby girl and give other mommy a break. Smiles.

    You know I have to share. I breast fed Nick. And my step son, who was about Your little guys age ( I raised him for several years) was watching one day and saw the pain on my face as Nick clamped down. Tommy was MAD!

    “THAT baby was hurting mommy.” He told his dad.

    I tried breast feeding Eric too but he was hospitalized for about 10 days and my breasts did not want to produce enough to continue. The separatuon anxiety I guess.

    Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day to both of you. 😀

  6. cooler*doula Says:

    I relactated after weaning early due to an abscess.

    Hospital grade pump… 10 minutes every 2 hours…
    Domperidone (can be got) or the other one that can be got locally – can’t think of name now…

    Very little drugwise comes through the breastmilk – talk to the LC about the Welbutrin…

    Also… It won’t be easy…

    Good luck.

  7. christine Says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say Happy Mom’s Day to two of the most phenomenal Moms I’ve ever “met.”

  8. kirsten Says:

    Just a word of support that I have breastfed 2 children for a total of 2 years while on welbutrin. It can work well. I take reglan to balance it all out.

    Good luck!

  9. Laura Says:

    This is a bit different of a situation since both have had babes recently, but these ladies swap breastfeeding:

    Even several years after breastfeeding, I was still able to express a few drops of milk from my breasts. Comfort feeding during times when littleo is just wanting to suck (hello colic!) will help. I think it’s absolutely awesome for you to be able to share breastfeeding. I wish my partner could have done so.

  10. jenny Says:

    Wellbutr!n is fine during lactation and pregnancy. I just got it for PPD.

  11. ~ d Says:

    If you can swing it, I say go for it. Tig was weirded out by my desire to comfort nurse Ms. Baby and I really feel I missed out on something by not pushing more for it. I did do it a handful of times, when necessary, and it was beautiful and something I’ll always cherish.

  12. betsy Says:

    My mom and her best friend used to nurse each other’s babies occasionally – they’d babysit for each other, or give one another a break to get some chores done. It worked very well and my mom was a la leche league gal from way way back.

    Additionally, a friend of mine pumps for her sister’s baby and nurses him sometimes and nurses her own child. Her sister doesn’t have a great supply and because of some family history her doc is urging breast milk as much as possible – this has been working great for them for about 4 months already.

    This isn’t weird at all…since breastfeeding is completely natural, adoptive mothers of infants are urged to pump so they can lactate and feed their babies, some widowed dads of infants comfort nurse (my husband’s cousin did this for a few weeks), and some women use milk from the milk bank…this seems like the most logical and natural thing in the world for you to do. 2 women, 1lactating now, 1 recently lactating with nursing experience. a loved baby who has the opportunity to get love and closeness and nourishment from both of you. Not to mention all the antibodies you’ll both be passing on…SUPERBABY!

  13. Calliope Says:

    totally thought wellbutrin was safe…
    I actually think this is pretty cool.
    quietly demanding MORE photos please.


  14. Susan Says:

    No advise, just applause! I think its wonderful!!! I had watch a program where an adoptive mom used this “system” so she could nurse her child, and I think its fabulous not weird! Who really cares if no one you know did it, or does it. You are giving you and your daugther a WONDERFUL bonding, and nutritional experience. I take my hat off to you!

  15. Chicory Says:

    YES! Welbutrin is safe. And, there is a couple that both breastfed their adopted child. One of them is starting up a website and company to help lesbians lactate to breastfeed children they didn’t give birth to — like you, or like adoptive lesbians. They’re friends of Lo’s and some other people. I don’t have their contact info on me right now.

    Anyway, you know I’ll totally be wanting to interview you about this and pick your brain on how it feels.

  16. Lo Says:

    Cool! My friend’s website is:

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