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we have kids, plural May 7, 2008

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i borrowed a friend’s nice camera and now i WANT it. i need an artsy camera with all kinds of settings i don’t understand. how much is a nice digital SLR? anyone have one hanging around? here is one of my favorite pictures of my kids.


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  1. jay Says:

    and very beautiful kidS they are, too!

  2. Lovely indeed. Besides the obvious beauty of your subject matter . . So happy for you all. Just awesome. As well love black and white photography. You also are oozing joy. Did ya know that? ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Susan Says:

    That is a PHENOMINAL picture. Seriously worth framing and entering into a contest.

    You can get a digital camera with basic lens anywhere from 600-1000 and on up. If you have a Ritz near you go look at them and touch them…then walk away. Then go to and check out their price…they have really good prices. I recommend a Nikkon if you are going to get one.

  4. ohchicken Says:

    charlotte: gorgeous. your children are perfect. and what a wonderful shot.

    i shoot with the original canon digital rebel. (also known as the canon 300d.) it’s 6.3 megapixels, but still takes such great shots on account of the lenses. since that camera has been out for such a long time, you can get them cheap on e.bay. i got mine almost 2 years ago for $400, with a 50mm lens, 2 batteries, and a warranty. i love my camera. oh, and the cheap lenses work really well too. i’ve never paid more than $150 for a lens.

    i hope you find your camera and keep showing us your beautiful fambly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. scarredbellybutton Says:

    What a sweet photo. Congrats to your family.

  6. tiffany Says:

    that is a beautiful photo!

    we have a canon slr 30D 8.2 MP ( and love it. the body runs about $800 and with a good lens i think its about $1,200. my wife bought it for work and knows what all the buttons and dials mean. she takes amazing photos with it. i use the auto functions and 1 manual setting and it still takes great photos for me. we got a package deal from best buy with extra lenses because they run sales on the slrs all the time. you may want to look into a 20D if you want to spend less. they are great cameras but cheaper since canon has released both a 30 and 40D at this point.

  7. creatingmotherhood Says:

    beautiful photo! beautiful family!
    Canon girl here. Have a digital rebel that is several years old, but she is great. If you want something less clunky the newer canon powershot’s are good.

  8. maeby Says:

    Congrats! Abosolutely beautiful picture.

  9. gypsygrrl Says:

    that photo is amazing… i agree with whomever said it was suitable for framing. i have been trying to write a reply and have to keep looking UP again at the photo. i am a sucker for B+W pictures.

    you have a lovely and gorgeous family…

  10. tonya cinnamon Says:

    aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….that is a uber cute photographs of the kidlets ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Jude Says:

    So cute! Congratulations!

  12. shelli Says:

    just gorgeous!

  13. Chicory Says:

    That picture is stunning.

    Klove has a Nikon d50. Cost us about $600 2 years ago and has been worth every single penny. Even I can take good pictures on it. It’s fantastic. Highly recommended. We financed ours with a no interest no payments thing and then paid it off with our tax refund.

  14. danielle Says:

    Wow… gorgeous shot… gorgeous family (even just the parts). Definitely framing material.

    I have a Nikon D40x that was about $700 with a lens (18 -55m). I love it… looooooooooove it. It’s my third baby. I’ve bought an additional lens and speed light flash for it, though don’t use them much. I like the editing features right on the camera and I can get hundreds of shots out of a battery charge (I’ve charged the battery 3 times since I got it in Nov.). I highly recommend it.

  15. Yes, I must agree, beautiful photo. My wife reads your blog and shared this post with me. Congratulations!

    But the reason I HAD to comment is your camera question. Two years ago (this fall) I won a photo competition with my teeny little point and shoot and earned $600 towards the price of a new camera. I put in a few hundred and bought the Canon Rebel XTi (400d). Had I know how much I’d love it and use it, I’d of paid the $ a lot sooner.

    I am a nanny for premature twins. I use my camera everyday and it has never let me down. It’s 10.1 megapixels capture each moment without lag time or frustration. You can buy an older version of the rebel or a nikon (my 35mm is a nikon and I love it, for some reason ALL of my digitals have been canons) and get just as much out of it. I’d go for the highest number of megapixels you can get and a user friendly version that allows you to shoot automatically until you are ready for more (or when you are short on time). Kids/babies move/grow fast and catching those moments that you swear you’ll never forget is something you’ll never regret – nor will your friends and family who share in joy of watching them grow.

    Congratulations again and good luck.

  16. sandra Says:

    takes my breath away- beautiful!!!

  17. Tiff Says:

    Wow. Speechless really. That photo is just beautiful.

  18. Carmen Says:

    I have a Nikon D40 (SLR)…actually 2 of them because I go no where without it! Deanna (gf) knows to carry one if I tell he that I dont have mine! I LOVEEEE my camera. The pics are sooo effertless.

    Love the shot above.

    We are having a boy any day!!!!

  19. ciaochow Says:

    This photo (and your family) is just beautiful. Blow that sucker up as large as it will go and put it on your wall for all to see.

    (P.S. I heart Canons too)

  20. barbara Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  21. jessie Says:

    What a gorgeous photo! Share more, share more!

  22. Bridget Says:


  23. holly Says:

    Absolutely beautiful.

  24. SCY Says:

    Stunning photo!!! Gorgeous family – way to go!!!

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