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it couldn’t have been more dramatic May 1, 2008

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S’s water broke, at 12:30 am. We were watching tv and she was like oh no, and lept from the couch. i thought she saw a giant spider, but no. she stepped onto our slate living room floor and gushed all over the place. like seriously, a stream of water like in a movie, splatting onto the ground, and you’re like ‘that is so unrealistic’. we went to the hospital for a non stress test. all is good so we are going to try to sleep some tonight. S is having contractions about every ten minutes, but they are still erratic and not super painful.

i will have you know that today, is her due date.


31 Responses to “it couldn’t have been more dramatic”

  1. jay Says:

    wow! impressive timing! lots of luck xx

  2. sn Says:

    hooray! wishing you a peaceful, healthy, low-drama arrival of waffle recipe. good luck!

  3. sn Says:

    sorry, unrelated. what’s up with wordpress’s automatically generated “possibly related posts” including, in this case “Thoughts on Deepa Mehta’s Water” ?! S’s water is much more exciting!

  4. Jude Says:

    BABYYYYYYYYYY! Good luck!

  5. tiff Says:

    Wow! Right on time eh? I hope all goes smoothly!!!! We will be thinking about you two, and anxiously awaiting an update!

  6. JB Says:

    Wow that is quite dramatic! Good luck!! Can’t wait for an update!

  7. Cori Says:

    Holy cow. I am so excited for you two. Praying for a safe and speedy delivery.

  8. Jean Says:

    Wooo Hooo!!!!! Go S, here’s to hoping a quick and painless as possible delivery. Can’t wait to hear more!

  9. Told ya. Very, very soon. Sooner than even I thought. LOL Congrats. Keep us informed!

  10. TTC4years Says:

    OMG!!! We are breathless with anticipation!!!

  11. Susan Says:

    WOW! CONGRATS…she will be here soon!!!!

  12. Co Says:

    hurray!!! you’re going to meet your baby so soon!!!

  13. scarredbellybutton Says:

    Good luck!

  14. R Says:

    Wow!! Congrats!! Can’t wait to hear how it all goes!!

  15. sandra Says:

    wow right on time!

  16. Woooo Hoooo. Here’s hoping for a smooth delivery.

  17. danielle Says:

    wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! hope everything goes smoothly!

  18. vee Says:

    Wow! You and Goldstar both! My refresh finger will be doubly busy. Good luck, good luck!

  19. tonya cinnamon Says:

    eeeek!!! its baby time!!!!! ^_______^
    sending lots of loving luck:)
    hugs tonya

  20. Kirsten Says:

    congrats!!! i’ve been following your story all along!!! can’t wait to hear the rest of the story…

  21. Kathleen Says:

    Thinking of you – good luck!

  22. Melody Says:

    Amazing!! Wishing you all a happy healthy low stress delivery!

  23. maeby Says:

    What a punctual little girl! Eagerly awaiting good news – sending quicky, productive labor thoughts your & S’s way!! How effing exciting!!!

  24. barbara Says:

    So exciting!

  25. shelli Says:

    woo hoo! Mazal Tov and smooth sailing vibes.

  26. whathef*ck Says:

    i dont know. its not what i expected but when i talked to you this morning after i hung up i thought, “no fucking way am i missing this.” all thoughts of becoming to attached seemed trivial in comparison with, “my friends are having a baby TODAY and i am invited and where the hell are my car keys!”

    it certainly helps that RM has the next two days off and can cover everything involving the kids. that is a miracle in itself. RM is all, “duh. of course you are going. she’s your friend and she’s having a baby.”

    standing by here for the ‘get in the car call” and i’l be running around packing up a bag of stuff for you guys. let’s see i’ll need cameras, chargers, cell phone, gifts, extra pads, breast pads, a few precious hand-me-down clothes…. how fun; YOU two are having a baby but i also get to run around and pack a bag for the hospital. oh yeah and breastpump, freezer packs… i better get busy. cant wait to see you. and S. and your daughter.

  27. ohchicken Says:

    wow! here comes the waffle recipe! will be refreshing incessantly. may 1 is a good day to be born, methinks.

  28. Olive Says:

    (I just started reading your blog yesterday.) Congratulations! I hope it’s an easy labor and delivery!

  29. tbean Says:

    YAY! Can’t wait for a pic of little waffle recipe!

  30. gypsygrrl Says:

    oooooh ~ this is so exciting!!!
    now i have something to obsess over whilst also checking to see if exam #2 grades have been posted yet.

    patience is sooo not my virtue today!
    thinking of you all…


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