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honestly May 1, 2008

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whose water breaks on the midnight eve of their due date? who? i mean seriously.

we are waiting now, at home, while S moves through early labor. contractions are every 8-10 minutes, sometimes in clusters. fairly painful.

little Smarty has been so sweet…rubbing S’s legs, talking about the baby, asking to hold her. he’s excited to go to the hospital and has been pretending to be a baby in my tummy (along with his lovie, a kangaroo, who is the little baby).

Smarty is out gardening with S. so fucking cute.

and WTF decided to come! her comment on my earlier post made me cry for some reason. i’m just excited, and trying to enjoy this…you know something going right, something happy, something so abundant and lovely that maybe my pessimism can’t touch it.


29 Responses to “honestly”

  1. mrsbluemont Says:

    Wow! Congratulations! Much love to you all.

  2. Ooooo! Exciting! Best wishes for a wonderful labor and birth for you all.

  3. Jean Says:

    I am so excited for you three. I hope that all goes well and once things get going, goes quickly. Sending lots of love to you guys.

  4. Susan Says:

    You made me smile…which lately hasn’t been easy to do. Hopefully your little girl is in a bit more of a hurry and decides to arrive soon!!!

  5. Liza Says:

    How exciting! Good luck good luck good luck!

  6. erin Says:

    Yeah! Best of luck and lots of “easy labor” vibes coming your way!

  7. jessie Says:

    oh oh oh oh! good luck!

  8. Bridget Says:

    Wow. Best of luck. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. You’ll be holding your little girl soon!

  9. Sarah Says:

    Wow!!! Good Luck, Good Luck!!

  10. gypsygrrl Says:

    only tears of happiness for all of you…
    much love and good birth to you all…
    and man, that Smarty – what a rockin’ big brother he is already!

    waffle recipe, we are anxious to hear you are *here*

  11. Calliope Says:

    holy shit! This is exciting!
    sending love to you ALL!!!


  12. L.babypants Says:

    I am excited for all three of you and love the thought of gardening during labor – how relaxing.

  13. Tiff Says:

    Can’t wait to hear the news!!!! You two are in my thoughts….I’m hoping the labour is quick for S!!!!! Lots of love for a beautiful birth! xo

  14. CLare Says:

    I just wanted to say – since I keeping checking in to see what is happening – that you are in our thoughts. Hope all is going well with the new ones arrival and lots of love to you all

  15. Kim Says:

    So excited for you!!!

  16. Calliope Says:

    refreshing like a mofo over here…

  17. Co Says:

    Waiting for news…

  18. ~ danielle Says:

    thinking of you gals and smarty… hoping everything went smoothly… checking bloglines obsessively…

  19. TTC4years Says:

    Ok- can we go more insane awaiting details? YOWZERS.

    I am sure you are blissing out on baby smells:)

  20. Bri Says:

    HELLLLLOOOOOOOO? Soon I am going to call you and you know that means I am desperate for news.

  21. Jean Says:

    I know, I need news!!!! I hope all is wonderful and update us as soon as you can.

  22. Clare Says:

    Hey there

    Just to say been checking regularly to hear the next instalment. I hope that all is okay and you are having blissful settle in together

  23. Donna Says:

    What a sweet guy you are to chronicle all this for your wife! I hope everything goes well and that you are a happy daddy by the time you post again!

  24. rt Says:

    Does Donna have a clue you are a mom also??

  25. crystal Says:

    rt….I don’t think she does! Wishing you guys abounding JOY!

  26. Calliope Says:

    The baby is HERE! There is a small update at WTF’s blog:

  27. Calliope Says:

    My last post didn’t work because of the link.
    Here goes again…

    The baby is HERE!
    For a small update go to WTF’s blog: letters to the babies that lived (link in Charlotte’s blog roll)

  28. Travelher Says:

    Yeah, the wait is over and the baby is here! Congrats!
    I hope everyone is at home and feeling great soon!

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