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the beachhouse April 27, 2008

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Earlier this month I spend an ENTIRE weekend with Bri, Wes and Beckett of the Dimples. That baby. So fucking cute. What a happy boy he is. Where do I start? The view? The beach itself? Gossip about Bri?

Bri’s family beach house. Not just any beach house, but one right on the fucking cliff, with granite countertops and an *insane* view of the beach. And a hot tub. And music in the effing bathroom. Like you have a little dial in there and whatever is playing in the stereo (and Bri and Wes have fabulous taste in music) comes to greet you at the volume of your choice when you are showering! Fancy times. We could travel together (our family and theirs including Beck of the Dimples), and that is a gem of a find in friends, or anyone really. No matter how much you like someone you never know if you can spend large amounts of time with them, cook with them, make daily decisions, without getting irritated.

Smarty loved Beckett. He sat next to him, stared at him, gave him toys, refused to share his toys, and talked to him in a gentle voice. Finally on the last day, he let Becket crawl on him.

I will let Bri tell you about my unfuckingbelievable scrabble game. It is the most braggable score I have ever heard of. For realz.

I took pregnancy pics of S yesterday…here is a sneak peek.


8 Responses to “the beachhouse”

  1. jessie Says:

    That is a fantastic picture. Thanks for sharing

  2. gypsygrrl Says:

    ohhh that photo is lovely!!!!
    i loved the scoop about the beachhouse and Beck of the Dimples!

    i am envious you were witness to those adorable and cavernous dimples in person. how did you not die from being in the presence of All The Cute that encompasses Smarty AND Beck ~ in the same place. for a whole weekend?

    oh. now i see. it took you a month to recover enough to blog about it. that makes sense đŸ™‚

  3. mrsbluemont Says:

    I’m so jealous! Of it all. Congratulations! Life is so beautiful. Thanks for the reminder. oxox

  4. Jude Says:

    Bri told me about your Scrabble score. I am in major, major awe!

  5. hd Says:

    That’s a brilliant picture.

  6. sandra Says:

    that is a great photo!

  7. BA Says:

    I hope we get to see some of the other shots – this one was beautiful. Also – is there any news on how S is feeling? I’m getting antsy and I don’t even know you both!

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