two uteri, two mamas pregnant, AGAIN, with baby number two

38 April 17, 2008

Filed under: ttc — charlotte @ 12:00 am

there is no car seat in the car.

there is no crib set up (it’s in a box).

there is no co-sleeper next to our bed (our friends have not given it to us yet).

there is no hooter hider.

her clothes are not washed.

her toys are not in a bin.

the house is a mess as we attempt to make room for an obscene amount of the baby paraphernalia.

S’s “nesting” is like a beer drinking guy’s nesting…she goes to the gravel store and people (men who feel sorry for her largeness) load her car with bags of pea gravel so she can redo the landing of our outdoor stairs. really?! yes. this is relaxing for her…not folding clothes, or cleaning or organizing the baby gear. no, placing concrete pavers and gravel on our stairs landing while 9 months pregnant.

at least we do have teeeeeeny diapers.


2 Responses to “38”

  1. I remember the day before I went into labor, I went out to bid on a landscaping job with my then-husband…walking the grounds, climbing over downed trees, etc. Baby was coming up on 2 weeks overdue and I was desperate to do ANYTHING to bring on labor….guess it worked. 😉


  2. erin Says:

    My wife keeps dropping hints about nesting- as in “when are you going to want to clean the entire house head-to-toe?” I’m due in three weeks and so far my “nesting” has included paging through clothing catalogs to fantasy shop for clothes I can wear after the baby is born. The second kid gets shafted in soooo many ways!

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