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grover is scooting and book purge 2008 March 9, 2008

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*that little blue monster is further and further towards the right on that little ticker. i remember having to take that  ticker down after the miscarriage.  unbelievable that it is so far over.

*i am so busy in a paperwork laden job that i just don’t have the mental space to type, or think, or be witty at all. so i have not been posting. but maybe i’ll try to just give more updates, even if they are lame. big news this weekend. we got our room clean. this required a day and a half of cleaning and organizing. i would post before and after pics but its to freaking embarrassing.

*also we purged 1/3 to 1/2 of our books. it was totally terrifying.

categories that got booted:

1. books that make us look smart, but we have not read and do not plan to read. like The Epic of Gilgamesh. honestly? one of us had to by it for a class. never going to read that shit again.

2. novels i loved but will not read again in the next 5-10 years. gone. this one is particularly sad, because i loved some of these books dearly. but we need room in our too tiny house and i refuse to store books in a box downstairs where they will mildew. not good book mojo, that.

3. reference books. can we now look this info up online? if so, out with the big beautiful glossy books. sad.

4. stupid books we will never read, or outdated books. like are we really going to read the lesbian parenting book from 1993? sadly, 1993 was 15 years ago, and it just ain’t current information. What to Expect When You’re Expecting? worst pregnancy book ever. out. gone.

Purged. I want to say I feel cleansed, but really I feel a little gutted. I am happy to have some very needed space, but getting rid of books is like chipping away some of the  concrete foundation under my house. Even the stupid books are books, and I remember when I bought them and they are a part of my history. I love books. Anyway, that’s all an illusion. And we need space for the effing baby. It’s worth it. But no one is allowed to come to my house EVER AGAIN to look at my books, especially if it is to get some insight into who I am. okay?


6 Responses to “grover is scooting and book purge 2008”

  1. Chicory Says:

    so, what did you do with your books?

    I, too, have been looking at our over-crowded bookshelves and thinking (despite myself) that a purge is needed. It’s haaaaaaaaard, though. I am totally in awe of you, you book-purging superwoman!

  2. yup, another sara Says:

    I am right there with you! We had to get rid of some books recently (same problem: not enough room) and it was so, so hard for me. I really feel as though the books are so tied to who I am and where I have been in my life– what I have studies and been interested in– that giving them up feels like losing a piece of myself.

  3. ciaochow Says:

    That is a good guideline for pitching books. I am a geography nut and love atlases… but really, could there be anything more cumbersome than a pile of huge atlases? Oh, maybe when baby comes, we’ll have to find this post again and feel inspired. Until then, my History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides is here to stay. So are my atlases.

    P.S. I have a friend whose last cat was named Gilgamesh. What a show off!

  4. Calliope Says:

    Grover is movin’!

    I did a giant book purge before I moved South & it was really hard. Like you I felt like people could know the real me just by looking at my books or cd collection. I shudder to think what people would glean from my bookshelves now– it’s almost all fertility or Alzheimer’s related…so effing sad.

  5. Judy Says:

    Funny…I am just unpacking my books after a recent move to a new home with more space and higher shelves. I am trying to purge some though. TRYING being the key.

  6. Gerijeottor Says:

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