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help for a friend March 3, 2008

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The friend who got me my current job, and who I went to grad school with, just found out that she has elevated FSH levels (ranging from 10 to 17 during the 3 tests she got on day 3). Not good. She usually has a lot of spotting before her period so the day 3 was always a little unclear (like when was the 1st day of her period), but on 100 mg of clomid she did ovulate (they think) and the clomid cleared up the spotting problem so the last test (FSH was like 11) was absolutely on CD3. Do you have any resources for her? She’s going to see an RE next week, but I would like to help her get as much information as she can before going, because we all know that REs vary greatly in knowledge and competence. She has no IFV insurance, but she does have IUI insurance, and some drugs. Any luck with IUIs and this range of FSH elevation? Straight to IVF? Any trusty internet sources for this condition?


6 Responses to “help for a friend”

  1. Yes, I have elevated FSH and am currently pregnant from an unmedicated IUI.

    Here’s the transcript from my appointment with my RE (who is good and thorough) when we discussed my FSH and how to approach treatment:

    The bottom line is, one can still get pregnant with elevated FSH, but it may take a little longer (or not – there’s absolutely no way of predicting). Medicated IUIs can help. IVF is a better, but not guaranteed option (better in large part because it’s a little easier to reduce the risk of multiples). If IVF isn’t covered and IUI is, it’s definitely worth trying several IUI cycles before jumping to IVF.

  2. Susan Says:

    This has a FAQ section, a graph, and the reason why CD 3 FSH have noted problems.

  3. K. Says:

    Eileen’s last pregnancy was an unmedicated IUI with a CD3 FSH of 16 (although that was her highest by far to date).

    Chinese traditional medicine seems to have a lot of success for elevated FSH. Check out “The Infertility Cure”


  4. maeby Says:

    I don’t have anything in the way of resources, but I too got pregnant with elevated FSH levels (I think I came in at 11.3). The lucky try was one medicated IUI. So there is hope!

  5. vee Says:

    I think the elevated FSH levels are more of an indication of how well or not they expect you to respond to any stims, rather than a clear indication of whether you’re likely to fall pg. Mine was 10.7 on my last cycle CD2 and I responded just fine to FSH injects and produced 2 good sized eggs for an IUI.

    Is your friend on any herbal supplements? If so, I’d suggest she stops taking them and sees if her FSH drops. The herbs I was on increased my FSH in an attempt to stimulate my ovaries naturally, but this wasn’t made entirely clear to me at the outset.

  6. Travelher Says:

    I have had and continue to have ups and downs of FSH, my highest was in December 2007 and it was 21.
    I was back down to 6, the following month and up to 11.8 in Feb. 08.
    I go for another FSH tomorrow and depending on that outcome, I’ll do my very first ever IUI sometime in the next two weeks.
    I’ve blogged about it and am also considering IVF after 6 IUI’s.

    There also a blog that covers high FSH (and other issues) by an top RE at NYU

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