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single digits February 28, 2008

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Random post:
*9 weeks until ridiculous and random date the baby is supposed to come. I just read a thing that says white chicks deliver 1 week late, generally. S is pretty white, but if this little girl decides to come early, it could be like 7 weeks. S looks like she’s going to tip over.

*By the way a YURT is a circular tent that usually has a wooden frame inside and a wood floor. It is a very ancient structure that hippies started living in in the US. Like people do yoga in yurts. But it has become a very cool modern, green, inexpensive structure for homes. Go here to see more pictures of yurts.

*We are nesting like mad. S’s version of nesting is to look at houses online and stress out that we need to sell our house and move, immediately. Crazy pregnant chicks. Where are our cleaning instincts? Why can’t we be those irritating people who clean, or worse, exercise, when they feel stress? Our coping mechanisms suck. TV? Eating? WTF? Bum deal.


7 Responses to “single digits”

  1. ohchicken Says:

    yurts = the best. h wants to buy one someday.
    nesting? you should come visit our new house we just bought because it felt (compulsively) like the right thing to do.

  2. Hmmmm… CUTE! I need to NEST when I am stressed BUT I;m stressed because my house is always a mess. For me it’s a focus thing. I hate to clean. LOL Make several trips to the dumpster. Exercise??? Right?

    Smiles … I enjoy you alls blog! Count down . Congrats , Time flies from this side. Uhmmmm my son Nick was due on July 17, and he was born on July 23. My dates were right on! And determined by the wheeley date calculator that they have been using forever. I am a white chick. And Nick was my first baby. Close enough to take that week late thing seriously. 😀

  3. Co Says:

    Hmm… I delivered exactly 1 week after my due date.

    Nesting manifests itself in funny ways.

  4. Travelher Says:

    I just found your website this week and have read the entire thing. We are just starting out on the TTC path this month, so I’m loving the blogosphere.
    Thanks for blogging!

  5. Calliope Says:

    9 weeks??
    (& exciting)


  6. becky kemery Says:

    Thanks for the fun blog and link to the Google photos. Found some I hadn’t yet seen…

    You might enjoy my website,, which is being completely updated and revised to include more helpful info on topics like buying a yurt, financing, codes and consultants. Planning to go public with the new site in a couple of weeks.

    Good luck with all your nesting and preparations!

    becky kemery
    Author of “YURTS: Living in the Round”

  7. The yurts look cool. That is awesome thatou got to spend some alone time. A babymoon…

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