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yurts rock February 26, 2008

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we stayed here:

we stayed in a different yurt, but this is pretty much what the views are like. it was very fancy/rustic. when we turned the lights off the flames from the small gas fireplace lit the tent along with the moonlight streaming in through the domed skylight in the middle of the roof. super romantic. but poor S gets one night in Big S.ur as her pregnancy trip, while I got 2 weeks in Kauai. but we are NOT complaining. we are in a WAY different financial situation and this felt quite luxurious. and there was a self serve waffle bar for breakfast in the lodge.

plus!!! we got some good news about getting a new mortgage.

things are solidly good right now, which always makes me feel precariously perched before a chasm of doom. but that is only slightly happening right now (thank you again, wellb.utrin!)

anyhoo. yurts rock.


6 Responses to “yurts rock”

  1. I have tried to get my wife to stay in a yurt with me for.ever… maybe I can convince her by showing her your lovely post and even lovelier photo! Of course, now we have a new bun- I am not sure how that would work out…

  2. mrsbluemont Says:

    i am so jealous and happy for you! that is stunning. i’m glad things are going so well. enjoy the solid good. ox

  3. nycphoenix Says:

    ok what’s a yurt?

    sounds lovely!

  4. gypsygrrl Says:

    i dont know what a yurt is.
    but i do know i audibly swooned when the page loaded and i saw the photo. i would stay with anyone who wanted me there, with views like that. glad you both had a lovely time and whats not to love about a self-serve waffle bar. [dont tell Smarty – it will further encourage baby girl’s being named Waffle Recipe!!!]

  5. Mo Says:

    That is absolutely gorgeous! We love staying in yurts, though haven’t stayed in one for a long time. One of the things we like is having electric, so we bring our coffee maker, and always joke about bringing the waffle iron. What a bonus to get the waffles made for you!

  6. Mo Says:

    Whoops, I missed the self-serve part. Still very good though.

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