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power outage January 5, 2008

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our power was out for almost 48 hours. there was NOTHING romantic about it. no sex. no candlelight talks. just grumpiness. a power outage with a young child and useless pregnant women is at least we will start the week with an entirely empty fridge, seeing as all our food must be thrown out.

and i apologize for all the lack of posting, lack of commenting and the general boringness that is me. i must say that my crazy pills (way less angst), a successful pregnancy (way less sadness and jealousy), and new job (and thusly not having to forclose on our house) have created a much anticipated but boring household.

its really good.

except that i am feeling incredibly sad for my friend Cali, who is going to have a miscarriage or a chemical pregnancy or some awfulness that will result, mercilessly, over a long period of time, after her recent bad beta. all my love to her and my other friends who don’t have their babies yet and suffer through seemingly endless heartbreak, piles of money, shots, hope, bleeding and enduring other people’s pregnancies, births and sometimes second pregnancies and births. its fucking brutal.


3 Responses to “power outage”

  1. Having survived several power outages during hurricanes. I know that sucks. During Andrew outage lasted 3 weeks and we were trying to run 2 households, 30 miles away from eachother. At oe point my ex was buying ice off a roachcoach so that he could get his bed ridden uncle to drink his ensure.

    Sorry you are feeling low. Hope ya feel better soon.

  2. Sandra Says:

    I feel for Cali too.

    I’ve been lurking here for awhile and decoded I’d better come out… I really enjoy reading your blog and I’ve added you to my blog roll (hope you don’t mind).

    *waves hi*

  3. Sandra Says:

    decoded = decided

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