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sometimes it’s good December 22, 2007

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Life, that is.

Yesterday was winter solstice, and as S and I sat eating our celebration dinner together, alone, on a date in a romantic modern restaurant, and we cried. We cried right over our pumpkin ravioli with pecorino cheese, hazelnuts, and crispy sage in browned butter.

It was the darkest night of the year and the light was coming.


4 Responses to “sometimes it’s good”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I LOVE this time of year because everyone is coming out with these great lines…I love “It was the darkest night of the year and the light was coming.” Such an astute observation! So well said! : )

  2. In a broad sense I have always felt “BLESSED” in my life. But moments like these you speak of are the ABSOLUTE best, aren’t they?

    Yesterday, hubby and I had one of these moments.

    I had just run some errands and decided to treat myself to whipped cream in my instant coffee! I came out of the kitchen coveting my coffee like it was a $5 latte and I had whipped cream clinging to my upper lip. Hubby smiled.

    I asked him why.

    “Oh nothing. he said “I just love you sooooooooooo much.”

    Apparently, the joy I found in the extra treat and the fact that I was almost childlike in my indulgence brough t him joy in the moment. 😀

    The man was near tears. Gotta love him for that!

  3. meanmama Says:

    That’s beautiful. I’m so happy for you all.
    -meanmama (formerly laGiulia)

  4. TTC4years Says:

    Pumpkin ravioli with sage–yum!! It reminds me of Pasta Pomodoro’s ravioli with sage- I think it is squash though… it is delish!

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