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i’m freaking out December 20, 2007

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studying like crazy for my interview friday. overdid the caffeine. overdid the sugar. feeling amped, zoomy and unable to concentrate on the massive amounts of information/skills i pretended i knew about and now must prove at the interview. my potential boss gave me three pieces of information when i talked to her yesterday, two good, one bad:

1. “you are one of our top contenders for the job, and i’m really looking forward to meeting you.”

2.  “lets both just agree that we don’t have to dress up for the interview, is that okay?”

and 3. “unfortunately for you we just did a major overhaul on the interview process and it is now very intense and difficult. be prepared for a long interview and you will be asked to demonstrate [read PROVE] your clinical skills.”

i am so nervous i feel like puking. although i have mixed feelings about this job and getting any job, i really need it. it has very very flexible hours and TONS of vacation and sick days (like 3 weeks vacation, 2 weeks sick leave plus 12 paid holidays), and did i mention how badly we need the money?

side note: in addition to being hopped up on caffeine and sugar it is hard to concentrate while my n@ked Smarty watches tv (i need to study!) right next to me (‘mommy don’t leeeeave’) while yanking on things.  ugh.


3 Responses to “i’m freaking out”

  1. Bri Says:

    I am sorry you have to work and that there is this scary interview. Bleh.

  2. Calliope Says:

    It’s friday. & right now, as I sit in this crazy airport I am thinking of YOU & wishing you a fantabulously stress free interview. You will do great. It sucks that you have to work a job that doesn’t satisfy the whole Charlotte. Regardless- I know you will do great today.

  3. kim Says:

    Good luck on the interview. We often surprise ourselves at how well we can manage to pull it together – I imagine you are no different.

    Also remember, that often the job we are ambivalent about can also end up surprising us. You might end up really loving it.

    Update us when you can!

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