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the job interview December 19, 2007

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for those who know me IRL, you may be surprised to know how much I despise job interviews. you see i am fairly outgoing and straightforward, and i might even interview well, but oh how i hate it.

top ten reasons i extra hate the interview that i have THIS fucking friday:

1. i kinda “exaggerated” my skills

2. it involves making exactly zero cakes

3. i don’t want to work

4. i don’t want to work with kids (this job is working with kids in the foster care system)

5. i will miss Smarty

6. it is full time, which is like zero to sixty in one second

7. i will miss Smarty so much

8. i NEED this job like crazy, and i hate being needy

9. i don’t want to be the breadwinner

10. what if they don’t even hire me? fuck them. i don’t want the job anyway.
see? i’m unfit. i am going to go crawl in a corner. i’m schlumpy and out of practice and loosing what little confidence i had that i’m good at what i do, or articulate, or hireable.


4 Responses to “the job interview”

  1. Job hunting totally sucks. I am doing the same thing, and feeling the same feelings, so I totally hear you. Good luck on the interview, though. I say, even if you don’t get the job, use it as a learning experience! You’ll get the job you need, just keep at it!


  2. Lo Says:

    Does it help that, apparently, Space Monkey has eyelids?

    FWIW, I think you have an extremely compassionate, caring, listening aura right off. I think you are great.

    But, I hear you about not even wanting the damn job.

  3. Calliope Says:

    you make a FANTASTIC first impression. And 2nd. & 3rd.
    These people would be so effing lucky to have you.
    that being said- I hate that that it doesn’t include cake making. and grown ups. and, well you know, stuff that you might want to really DO.

    But on friday- you will wow them. You just can’t help but do that!

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