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holdays sans baby December 10, 2007

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i have no idea if this is appropriate, but i’m feeling outraged and sad for my infertile friends this month and i want to post about it.

so i’m sending a big shout out and lots of hugs and possibly liquor to those who are still waiting for their first kid and are enduring another holiday season without a baby. that is unbelievable shitty. and seeing pregnant women shopping? strolling down twinkly streets with their big bellies? little bundly kids doing family wintertime activities? so.fucking.brutal. at least it would be for me.


8 Responses to “holdays sans baby”

  1. Susan Says:

    You are one AMAZING woman!

  2. TTC4years Says:

    Thank you. Really. I just got off the phone with my sister who has had her third child, and complains about how she hates being pregnant. I needed to hear someone acknowledge that this is hard…harder at the holidays.
    I count the bellies. I cringe when I see one. And I hope they enjoy their pregnancy. I hope they dont yell at their kids at the mall and say mean things to them. I almost come to tears when I see that.

    I purposely avoid the areas where they have the little clothes, because those little girly party dresses almost give me a breakdown… ( maybe that is the clomid talking, or my enlarged about to ovulate any second ovaries.)

    Thank you.

  3. What gets me most is seeing a woman with a parcel of kids, dragging them along, dirty faces, snotty noses, worrisome little faces. Mom is frazzled. Yelling. Spanking Kids are screaming. Taking up the whole aisle Food stamps at the checkout. Now that might sound horrible BUT when I think of those TRYING so hard to have children (one child) and these moms just have no clue to the blessings they have RIGHT there. YOU can’t take back those harsh words. The neglect and all the other stuff that goes with that kind of upbringing.

    And YET, I know of one mother who will soon be getting her children back after someone was murdered in her living room over drugs and the cops took children because of the neglect seen ONLY for some bleeding heart system to put them right back in that HELL HOLE . Grandparents have them now and they can barely care for them either. It just burns my BUTT!

  4. Liz Says:

    I do appreciate your words. It is harder around the holidays. I’ll be in the TWW for the holidays, so no drinking for me. And at my inlaws, some of whome barely tolerate me. Luckily, there is a yummy dessert place where my inlaws live, so plenty of sugar for me. 🙂

  5. Thanks!! It is hard, but for me it’s hard b/c I know we are taking some time off of TTC for awhile. But, I just keep trying to tell myself, one day it will happen…

  6. frog Says:

    Thank you for getting it.

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