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the old due date December 6, 2007

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the due date from our miscarriage pregnancy is approaching in a few weeks and i am surprised to find that i’m still sad about it. silly me. i thought being pregnant again would erase the whole debacle. nope. but it isn’t yucky sick to your stomach pain. it would be if we were not almost halfway (seriously?) through another pregnancy.

i know i will wonder, when we find out the sex of this baby, who the other baby would have been. i’m still mad that we didn’t have that baby. moreover i’m sad about how dramatically the miscarriage effected our experience of this pregnancy.


7 Responses to “the old due date”

  1. ohchicken Says:

    i’m so sorry you lost the first baby, charlotte. i can’t imagine how its ghost will always be present. my mom lost 2, and i think they’re still with her, 30odd years later.

    i think the grief is completely healthy and normal, as is the trepidation that has followed this pregnancy.

    and i am simultaneously so glad that this pregnancy is healthy and that you and s are growing your family with this beautiful person in her belly.

    sending hugs of comfort, and lots of hope.

  2. yes, two due dates have passed for me and it still gets me. she would have been a Halloween baby or there abouts. Scary cuz hubby loves Halloween. So I can’t FORGET that date! But it’s OK, not silly normal! Embrace it! It’s your LOSS. And it’s ok to mourn.

  3. Susan Says:

    The due dates get easier as time moves on…but believe me they never go away…you just find a way to deal with them.

  4. byrdlady Says:

    i’m so sorry–i of course can’t imagine what you guys are feeling right about now, but i am truly happy that you aren’t empty handed during this time and have your baby to look forward to.

  5. Calliope Says:

    ((((thinking of you))))

  6. Bri Says:

    I had my 20 week anatomy scan on my old due date. Our deadbabies would have been pretty much the same age difference as our livebabies will be, huh? I totally still think about that first baby and wish I had him. It is an extremely odd sensation, considering how fabulous The Beck is.

  7. oneofhismoms Says:

    I’ve thought about you guys a lot since I finally got pregnant. I was just thinking the other day that if anything went wrong with this pregnancy, the due date would be permenently marked in my brain. I don’t think it is possible to forget. So even though I can’t empathize, I am with you in spirit. Sometimes (this is sillyish and probably because I was so upset about your loss) I’m so afraid I’ll lose this baby, I’ll mourn its loss. Crazy. Because on the other hand I’m pretty confident about the health of the embryo.

    I don’t blame you for feeling sad. I don’t blame you one bit. It makes perfect sense.

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