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Gender December 3, 2007

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I shouldn’t care so much if we have a boy or a girl, but I do. I really, really, really want a daughter.

But recently I was feeling genuinely fine with another son. I mean eventually I will be fine with whoever this baby is. Thrilled, in fact. I won’t wish it was any other way. I know this. But I want to experience a girl baby. I want to put her in brown and blue striped tights. I already had my pigtails fix with LM. And he, like Bri mentioned recently, does play with ninjas and firemen by strolling them around in a pink baby buggy.

Anyway, I recently made some peace with having another boy. It feels even. Like both of us giving birth to a son feels right somehow. And a little brother for LM? Fucking adorable. But then I went into Baby G@p, and there was a knit stripy dress, with long sleeves and a hood and I lost all reason.


You know another super good reason (aside from tights and brown corduroy dresses) this should be a girl?

THEN WE CAN BE DONE. Complete. One girl, one boy, and we will never, ever, EVER, have to go through trying to have a baby ever again. I know that is not a guarantee, but I wonder if two boys would leave the door open to try again. Rocket Man is really the one responsible for the gender thing. We’ll just blame him. Or maybe he’ll swap us one of his girls. His track record including all their disasters and ours is…wait this will take a minute to calculate…is three girls, two boys and two “we don’t knows”. Dude. That man has some busy sperm. Total pregnancies he had participated? Eight. HAH!

I digress.

The ultrasound is in 8 days. EIGHT DAYS. I might need a ticker here soon. Yes indeed. It has been a while since I felt chipper enough for a ticker. I believe I am.

I think about the upcoming ultrasound multiple times every day. Maybe even once an hour. I even called S the other day at work just to make triple sure she couldn’t tell me the gender. She reminded me, again, that no she couldn’t. S was typing while on the phone with me and I said “Are you looking it up?” It feels baffling to both of us that we can’t just Goog.le it.

Much to her irritation I ask her questions like this at least 3 times a day: is it a boy or a girl? why can’t you just know? S, what do you think it is? Poor woman. She wants a girl too. But as I’m typing this, I’m thinking wouldn’t it be great to have another boy? Yes.

What do all of you think? Why can’t you just look it up for me? Were you nauseated until 16 weeks with a boy? TELL ME. I can’t stand it. The suspense is killing me.

What a lovely and luxurious thing obsess about.


16 Responses to “Gender”

  1. Just for fun, google

    Ancient Chinese Birth Gender Chart

    It’s seems really accurate! I was only 17 when I conceived my first child (17) so it wouldn’t say but it got my second right. Too old now to use the chart.

    But I know of many who have used it with startling accurate results (some with 3,4, even 5 kids)

    As I said, it’s just for fun but thought I’d share.

    Good luck!

    PS; Love little jumpers on little girls. And tights. So cute! But I had fun dressing my boys too! Overalls, dingo boots, flannel shirts . Oh the memories! 😀

  2. Susan Says:

    Your post today makes me smile.

    Sending PINK baby dust your way 🙂

  3. A Says:

    Just had to delurk to say that I was queasy and puking until 16 or 17 weeks and we have a fabulous little boy now. So exciting that you have just a little over a week to go before you find out!

  4. Lo Says:

    I do not think, personally, that any of the old wives’ tales are remotely accurate. But the Chinese Chart is worth looking for, it was right for us and my sister.)

    I know what you mean about wanting a girl. I have the same feelings…OMG all the pressure is on me to have a girl! I did have this moment of peace over the summer when I saw a woman on the beach with two little boys, and I thought, that’s cute. And it might be nice for FLipper to have a brother.

    But I am getting way ahead of myself. I am so excited for your ultrasound!!!

  5. Bree Says:

    We didn’t find out Kiddo’s gender until her(!) birth. We thought we only only only wanted a boy, and by sheer wanting could control the outcome. Yeah, no. But… I’ve gotta say that having a girl is great. Good luck! You’ve got (at least) a 50% chance.

  6. Renee Says:

    I think it’s awesome! I can’t wait until we are in your shoes to even find out!! can’t wait to find out what it is- oh my, are you going to post it???

  7. amy Says:

    i can totally relate to the obsession! when i was pregnant, it’s all i could think about. i wanted a boy so bad that i thought i could will it that way. low and behold, we got our girl. 2 years later i can’t imagine like without a daughter and am totally good with the idea of a little sister for her now. the thought of having a boy makes me nervous now for some reason. i think the gender wait for me was harder than all of the 2 week waits while ttc. good luck, can’t wait to read about you ultrasound results!

  8. Bri Says:

    Chinese gender chart was wrong for me, all the versions. You know I wanted a girl so bad but it is all for the best as this way I can’t lay any of my weird dead mother stuff on a daughter. And sometimes I think about the most annoying little girls I teach and they are all WAY worse than the most annoying little boys. Heh. But I hope you get your girl, if only so there’s no question about whether you are DONE. Being DONE is heavenly.

  9. oneofhismoms Says:

    I hear ya, sister. On all counts. However, I’ll be done no matter what the gender is because three kids won’t work in Brooklyn. Not in my apartment, anyway. I do think of the Cake-man, though. If I have a boy, he won’t be totally outnumbered by grrrrls. And if I have a girl, things could get sketchy around here when all three of us get our periods. Two women menstruating at the same time is bad enough. I’m just saying. Rationalizations do exist for this particular obsession.

  10. e. Says:

    shhhhh! don’t tell anyone i want a girl too! i will obviously be thrilled if it’s a boy. and he would have two boy cousins with in a 2 1/2 year age range so that could be really cool. but damn there haven’t been any girls in my family since me! 29 years! it’s time. and the chinese gender chart says girl for me….we shall see!

  11. Yuri Says:

    I don’t know If I really knew we were having a little girl cause (I) wanted one or because I really knew. But everyone (from the beginning of the pregnancy) told us we were having a girl. My partner wanted a boy but she’ll be ok. Before we found out what she was, we met a couple at hooters that told us that if you add the month conceived plus the age of the mother and it’s an odd number it’s a girl if it’s even it’s a boy. We also considered when I ovulated, and when we did the insemination and using the gender selection method (not sure what it’s called right now) we concluded that there were high hopes of having a little girl. So far we’ve been told it’s a little mama.

  12. lagiulia Says:

    I ditto what Bri said about not wanting to lay mother issues on a daughter and also about annoying little girls at school. I feel bad typing that, but there you go.
    I was wrong about my boys… thought they were both girls. That was my true instinct. Wrong and wrong! The quizzes, strings-and-rings in front of the belly, and Chinese chart all pointed to girls. I think the only thing that is truly indicative is a penis on an ultrasound.
    Boys are great, as you know, but I hope you get your girl since that’s what you dream of.

  13. Calliope Says:

    I thought you were having a space monkey.

    This is going to be exciting!!

  14. indigoscot Says:

    i was only mildly nauseuous with our son. my sister was puking well into the second trimester with both her boys. so, you’d think my sister and i would react the same to carrying a baby boy…not so.

    my dp has some esp/second sight thingie going on and declared our baby to be a boy at conception time. she would not be budged on this one iota. we didn’t find out at the anatomy scan because it is my family tradition to wait. lo and behold, it WAS a boy. she has also guessed correctly all of her nieces and nephews and 2 great nieces, 9 total. and her coach’s 2 girls. it’s pretty damn freaky…

  15. gold star Says:

    Excitement! The Chinese calendar was right for everyone in my family and E’s family. Weirdie weird.

  16. cooler*doula Says:

    Ah – the Chinese gender chart was 0 for 2 with me. As were my instincts. I KNEW I was having a girl. A pretty disastrous NT scan lead to a very early amnio for us, ultimately a great result along knowing it’s a boy at 14 weeks. So I didn’t save all those clothes for nothing… Can’t wait to hear – odds are slightly stacked for boys – it ain’t quite 50:50.

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