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I heart Beckett November 26, 2007

Filed under: ttc — charlotte @ 5:45 pm

1. The results from the blood test are not in yet. Fucking labs. they should have been ready on Thanksgiving. Nothing today. Makes me mad. Must wait another day and pretend to be S calling the doctor. At least they think she is the annoying bitch.

2. Seeing the Unwelnesses (Bri, Wes and Beckett).

They are such lovelies. All of them. Smart, funny, authentic. You can talk to them about anything : poop, your mother in law, your darkest depression, candy, bad fashion. And that wonderful baby is so well mannered. I got smell his head and everything. Plus I got to meet Bri’s family. Always interesting to meet a friend’s family. Anyway, what can I say about the Unwellnesses? Bri and Wes adore each other. They fight about who gets to hold Beck. If we were not pregnant I would have found the lovefest a little gross. Just kidding. Really. They never illicit that jealousy in me, pregnant or not. It makes me happy to spend time with people who are totally in love with each other and their baby. Seriously, they are people of substance, and I heart them.

3. More to come tomorrow about Christian grandparents and lab results (please random lab in`New York, fax the damn paperwork.)


5 Responses to “I heart Beckett”

  1. Calliope Says:

    damn- I have been holding my breath ALL effing day.
    & it’s weird b/c every single hep test I was waiting on was stuck in some lab in your neck of the woods. I think the Universe is in cahoots with blood labs.

  2. Oh, no, not Christian grandparents. Do I see where this is going?? Good luck!!!


  3. Bree Says:

    Tell you what? We’ll hold our collective breaths for you… allowing you to breathe, relax, and know that everything WILL be fine.

    Oh wait, that pollyanna crap won’t work for you? Fair.

    Thinking about you and yours.

  4. As a far-away (Europe) Saints fan, I am always looking for new sites with New Orleans information.

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