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I threw my motherf*cking back out November 20, 2007

Filed under: ttc — charlotte @ 12:16 pm

Bowling. Bowling is the devil. And who throws their back out? Whatami 70? So I walk around all stiff and slow and S has to wait on me. That part is nice. Paybacks, you know? And it was possibly worth it because I got to see my 3 year old son in bowling shoes, putting his little fingers in a bowling ball and wobbling over to the lane where he would drop it and then squat down and push it with both hands.

As we were walking towards the bowling alley from the parking lot he saw that we were close to an arcade that he likes to stand at the door of and watch all the blinking lights.

He said “Mama, why is the bowling church so close to the arcade?”

Totally worth throwing my back out. Also, we are buying Thanksgiving dinner from a yummy bakery instead of making it because I can’t cook and S is a bad cook on top of being a pregnant vegetarian.

Bowling church. Hah.


3 Responses to “I threw my motherf*cking back out”

  1. preconceivednotions Says:

    πŸ˜€ Sorry. Ouch! I have been staring at a abandoned microwave outside my laundry room for 3 days, (not daring to pick it up from ground level) afraid of the same or worse like bringing on AF who is due to come soon regardless. OK so I’m obsessing a bit as I wait! πŸ˜€

  2. byrdlady Says:

    i LOVE the bowling church visualization! πŸ™‚
    So sorry to hear about your back, though. Ouch! Bowling can be evil. We have what is called “duckpin bowling” here at this pool hall, and everything is miniature, but because you actually have to squat further down for each roll, the result is that the next morning you feel like you were run over.
    But oh, is it fun.
    Enjoy your veggie Thanksgiving–i am kind of wondering how i’m going to handle that this year with my family (my first vegetarian year).
    Happy Holiday, and get better soon!

  3. Clare Says:

    Near where my old work is in the centre of Sydney there is a big big church with lots of steeples (sp?). Once when Thomas was about 4 I had to go into a meeting or he was having day off for some reason and came into work with me for a meeting or some such and we caught a different train line which brought us out a different way to work. As we came out of the train station tunnel and on to the forecourt of the church he gave this sort of astonished sound and said ‘Mama you work right next to a castle’

    Most recently I am working at an old (ish) University which has a sandstone building around a quad. Each year they have a viewing of a Harry Potter film and the kids get dressed up in Harry Potter gear etc etc. They call it quadworts. The kids from Thomas’ school are MOST impressed that I work at hogwarts!

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