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There are no words. October 24, 2007

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There are times, as I wrote recently, that I know that the universe truly has no mercy. That it doesn’t matter who you are or how nice you are. Or how generous. Bad shit might still happen to you and it might happen again, and again, and again.

This is what is happening to my friend Calliope. Despite a massive and truly breathtaking outpouring of support and money (she fucking had the funds to do the IVF!!) it is all canceled. Totally and completely canceled. She must now get on a plane, and return home to wait for her period, where she will bleed out the 20 eggs her body so dutifully plumped up for her. All those hopes. It is beyond sad.

This cycle is not being canceled because of just anything, no. She must halt the IVF, and let the eggs go to waste because she probably has Hep C. The consequences for this are shocking and scary. It is this kind of slap in the face setback to someone who has already given up so much, and tryed so hard to become a mother, that makes me wonder if there is any fairness at all, that exisits, ever.

I think not.


One Response to “There are no words.”

  1. gypsygrrl Says:

    your post echoes my own internal thoughts in the last days. i believe this is the most UNfair thing i have ever been a witness to. i waffle between wanting to rage at the universe, and between such sadness at the sadness of this all…

    we love you, cali!
    it does not change things, but i suppose the love and friendships surrounding us all in the IVP is really all we ever have.

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