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Everyone knows October 24, 2007

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S told her work today, which felt momentous. She works at a small company, all men, with lots of 23 year old geeky boys who do programming and art and was really nervous to tell people she was knocked up. She wanted everyone to know at once, so she waited until a once a week company meeting and announced it to everyone.

As it turns out the whole company burst into applause. Can you imagine? They irrupted into cheers.

Anyway, it feels pretty fucking good to be almost 13 weeks. But I must say, as it looks more and more like we are going to actually have a baby, my focus is shifting and some fears are arising that can’t really be there when you are wondering if your baby will die. I’ll post more later about how it feels to be the boob/birth mom and then the “other” mother. Now? Off to do some cake supply shopping for my Cath.edral cake (it won’t be done until Sunday and yes I will totally post pics).


3 Responses to “Everyone knows”

  1. amanda Says:

    So happy she got to make the announcement–i am thrilled for you both.

  2. Clare Says:

    The transition from bio mum to non-bio mum really really is very odd. On many many levels. I was aware of it a bit when Gaye was pregnant – odd moments of wishing it were me or wondering if I could possibly love this new baby as much as the first (the answer offcourse is yes and my friends who have given birth for a second time tell me they also worry about this!). But since Al lordy – there is the constant conscious balance of being supportive but also allowing her to run her own race and this bizarre I come home from work and I am the one who plays on the couch to give you a break and spend time with him person – very confronting at times. The nighttime feeding thing is also weird – do I wake up when actually there is little I can do? And I find myself regularly mentioning our older boy when we are with people who might not know about him which I think is some sort of overcompensating thing on my behalf and the transition from 3 – 4 feels very ‘real family’ – there is much much weirdness. But can I say – more than anything. It is watching our two boys together that is incredible … that makes me tear up most days … that makes me laugh … that was completely unexpected while I was worrying my way through all the other gumpf and it is the real joy. Those boys love each other completely.

  3. Clare Says:

    Hi ya

    You got my earlier comment yes?

    I do love reading you – you worry as much as me AND write it down!

    You will be fine – your babies will be fine – you gal will be fine and in the end it will all be fabulous!

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