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some good October 23, 2007

Filed under: ttc — charlotte @ 9:13 am

We had our 12 week OB appt yesterday and we heard the heartbeat. Alive baby at 12w5d is good.

I’m going to be busy this week baking a cake that looks like St. B.asil’s Ca.thedral. But it is very short notice, and will not be paid (I offered for a very very good friend who is finally having a baby shower for the child she is adopting). I wanted to do a gesture, and it will be in an aflfuent area so i thought it would be good exposure, but now hardly anyone can actually come to the shower. Ack.

But our baby is alive!


6 Responses to “some good”

  1. byrdlady Says:

    And THAT is the best news!

  2. Calliope Says:

    two things:
    1) HURRAH!!! I am just so elated for you guys that you FINALLY had a good scan. Rock on Space Monkey!
    2) I am in awe that you could even come up with a cake idea like that. You are seriously incredible. & I so can’t wait to see photos.

  3. Lo Says:

    Go Space Monkey!!!

  4. TTC4years Says:

    Yippee! I am so happy for you– did you just want to leap with joy?

    As for cake– did we miss a photo of a cake somewhere?

  5. Yay! Wishing you continued good!

  6. kjandthekids Says:

    Congratulations….and since this is all for free any ways….CAN’T you post pictures.

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