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nuchal October 14, 2007

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Our nuchal translucency ultrasound (the big fancy one where they determine your odds of having a chromosomally abnormal baby) was moved to Tuesday. Tuesday. As in 2 days from now (1 day from now if you are reading this on Monday). One day. From now.

This ultrasound is a *huge* deal to me. After this point (we will be 11 1/2 weeks on Tuesday) the miscarriage risk goes way way down. We exit the 1st trimester, otherwise known as twomonthsofscariness, soon. I am already looking at names and making lists. This is good, except that I have allowed myself to become very, very attached.

As ultrasounds approach I no longer get excited. I had a post all ready in my head about what it feels like to be 11 weeks…the great parts, the scary parts, the funny parts. It was a tidy post. A sassy post. Now? Not so much. As the ultrasound approaches I feel terror. Straight up. WTF had a crumpled baby on her 11 1/2 week ultrasound. I know that things are not necessarily okay in there. This equals terror. From the outside, I know, it is easy to be hopeful, to assume that everything will be alive. If I were you I would think that too. But I’m me. And I have been privy to some fucked up ultrasounds, both in real life and through friends. Hence, I am feeling a bit ill in the stomach region. Nuchal is at 11:20 am.


9 Responses to “nuchal”

  1. Sully Says:

    Don’t you wish we could live in a bubble for 9 months where nothing bad can ever touch us?

    I will be checking back tomorrow for the update! Just remember its OK to feel like you are, no apologies to ANYONE necessary, and then remember to breathe!

  2. TTC4years Says:

    We are here- awaiting the news, and hugging! Although, as I said, everyone I “know” live or online is currently pregnant with healthy babies so you should be no different.

    Names… hmmmm. Wouldn’t they be cute to be cake related names? Sugar? Honey? Sorry- it is early and I need more green tea;)

  3. Hope Says:

    Good luck with the big scary test. I hope that it is completely uneventful (other than seeing your completely fabulous baby waving to you).

  4. Calliope Says:

    will be thinking of you so hard I am sure to burst some sort of blood vessel in my forehead.

  5. Co Says:

    We’ll be sending you good thoughts.

  6. Lo Says:

    OMG…..that is HUGE.
    Of course we will be thinking of you.
    I was terrified before every single ultrasound right through the anatomy scan. I am only not so terrified now because the little bugger kicks constantly and keep his foot lodged in his Mommy’s ribs. (But I am still a little bit terrified.)
    lots o’ love….

  7. byrdlady Says:

    Sending massive healthy-baby vibes your way. Seriously.

  8. carey Says:

    Good luck tomorrow!! My fingers are crossed for an excellent u/s!! You guys deserve it 🙂

  9. Lo Says:

    I’ll be refreshing like a madwoman. Hugs.

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