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ummmm…. October 4, 2007

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LM told us the other day: “Mommy and Mama, after I die, you guys can barbecue me, and then eat me, okay?”

Us: “LM, that is not funny.”

LM: “I am not making a joke.”


What the hell do we say to that? Is he a se.rial killer? He is only just three. When he was 2 1/2 he asked me if I was ever “going to die and come back as another lady”.


6 Responses to “ummmm….”

  1. temmerling Says:

    ok, a) I am LOVING the LM stories. and B) that’s actually kind of cute. I mean, we’ve been telling Julia that meat comes from cows who want us to be healthy and so when they’re done living they let us have their extra meat (since we’re moving to organic, ethically raised and slaughtered meat, this isn’t that far off is it? Oh, well, what am I supposed to do, show her an abatoire?)

    My dad always says that he wants us to cremate him and work the ashes into the ground like bone meal. That way he can continue to feed us after he’s gone. On one level it’s gross, but on another it’s sweet.

    As for what you can say, you can always tell him that you would prefer to shellac him and sit him at the table with you so that you can look at him during dinner for ever and ever…

    or you could just say something about how we don’t eat people because of the mad cows.

  2. e. Says:

    has anyone died lately that he’s aware of? this reminds me of when i was a kid (4 y.o. maybe) and i became aware of adoption, as a friend of mine was adopted. i went home and asked my mom who my real mom was? who gave birth to me? from learning about my friend i thought all babies were born to a woman and then adopted by another. it made no sense but i got a little part of a story and made the rest up i guess…maybe LM has gotten some ideas from somewhere?

  3. bleu Says:

    Bliss asks if when he dies does he get to come back as Bliss again and I come back as Mama again because he wants us to always be mama and baby. He then asks how long it takes from when he dies and when he comes back. He also states he will remember me always through every life.

  4. Seems to me it’s a pretty typical three year old way of trying to figure out death. I wouldn’t start a lawyer fund just yet….

    Trista, on the other hand, maybe you should start a therapy fund for Julia when she finds out the truth about those generous cows? 😉 Kidding… mostly.

  5. Tricia Says:

    I’m not religious- but we had similar experiences with our oldest boy when he was little- I started to think he was closer to God in some way when he was a wee one…

  6. frog Says:

    He’s going to be a writer.

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