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Im Shocked October 4, 2007

Filed under: ttc — charlotte @ 2:13 pm

People. We are 10 weeks. Ten. TEN.

We have big appointments scheduled, like the nuchal translucency and the 12 week OB appointment. I had to add rows to my page where I hand drew a calendar, showing 3 months at once (which I made when we first got pregnant, so I could see how the weeks would progress.) Last week I actually ADDED ROWS to put in our 12 week OB appt. The balls right? To add weeks as if everything will be okay, as if we will safely enter a second trimester. It’s crazy talk.

I remember Bri going through this and I would think, of course everything is going to be okay — of course you are going to have a baby. From the outside it is always easy to be optimistic.

But I too am starting to believe this (this meaning a baby) will happen. This last ultrasound was incredibly helpful for both S and I. Yesterday I actually wanted to look at baby stuff online, which is a wonderful sign. And when I made baked potatoes for S last night, I cooked with happiness for my pregnant wife, rather than resentment for my shell-of-a-wife-who-might-be-having-a-baby. I felt like cleaning our house. I had some panicky thoughts about what it might be like to have a second child. Good signs indeed. Signs indicating that I am hopeful – not because I am forcing it, but because I just am. I still need a nickname for this baby. It is a baby. An actual fetus, as of today. Unfuckingbelieveable.


5 Responses to “Im Shocked”

  1. ohchicken Says:

    hooray for a growing calendar. hooray for pregnant wives. and hooray for baked potatoes. that sounds really good right now.

  2. cooler*doula Says:

    Ah. I just broke into a spontaneous grin when I read that first line.

    Dandy, I say.

  3. TTC4years Says:

    I am thinking I love the LM and the happy Wife posts. I am happy now.

    I am adoring the fact that your little “fetus tracker” indicates fingernails. I just naturally have this image of a manicure…pink? French Tips?

  4. Lo Says:

    yeah!!! you are having a baby!
    I liked Blueberry for a nickname. Or Blue, as someone suggested.

  5. holly Says:

    Congrats on the 10 week mark. We spent every passing week in awe that it was getting deeper into pregnancy. It’s an amazing, and relieving feeling.

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