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monsters October 2, 2007

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My little monster often pretends that he is, in fact, a monster. A scary monster.

LM: “Mommy I want to you be really scared. Okay?” Here is where it gets good, “Now I am going to come over there and eat your pets.”

Yes. He likes to pretend that he is a monster who eats people’s pets.

Then he says: “Now, please be very very sad that I ate your pet.”

Don’t you love the manners? So I pretend to be very sad indeed.

LM: “Here, Mommy, don’t be sad, here is a new pet for you.” Holds his hands out to me.

Me: “But what about my other pet, I loved that pet.”

LM: “That pet was old. [scrunches his face] This is your new pet.”

The “new” pet is always a bunny who lives in a cage.

So. Yeah.


(More later about his explanation of what he wants us to do with him when he dies.)


5 Responses to “monsters”

  1. Calliope Says:

    I love the adventures of Little Monster. They seriously radiate all that is beautiful about what a wonderful family you have.

  2. WOW ! That’s quite the imagination !

  3. gold star Says:

    jesus h. he’s cute. i look forward to his thoughts on death. doubtlessly they are deep.

  4. jennifer Says:

    he is a benevolent monster!

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