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here’s our baby! **with update September 17, 2007

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the healthy baby

the baby measuring 7w4d

the baby with a heartbeat of 158 BPM

the alive baby

our alive baby

But. (you knew there had to be a but, right?) There is a subchorionic hemmorage next to the sac, pushing it in in one part (but it could be a vanishing twin). Dr. PSS said clearly, three times (you know I grilled her) that she is not worried about it as long as S is not bleeding vaginally. And it is not crowding the baby, and it does not seem to be in a bad location, whatever that means. She doesn’t feel the need to see us again until 12 weeks (but she will if we need a scan in 2 weeks). I am trying not to focus on the hemorrhage which has grown from last week. I am trying to believe her. Dr. PSS said that it is likely a ‘vanishing twin’, and there is no way to know, but she thinks it will resolve on its own. The sac shape looked good, no teardrop shape, but it was bulged in in a spot from the hemorrhage/vanishing twin. Dr. PSS also said that sex is fine, and orgasms are fine (the thought of my nauseated, ashen, exhausted S wanting to get it on cracks my shit up). I am soooooo not getting laid for years.

The second she found the baby, I knew it was the right size. I can tell, at this point. It looked big, and there was a heartbeat right away. The average heartbeat for 7w4d is 160 BPM, and baby’s was 158. Crown to length averge for 7w4d is 12-13mm, baby’s average measurement was 12.5 (the three measurements she took were, in fact, 13.9mm, 10.6mm and 13.6mm).

Textbook. Perfect.

Except the hemorrhage/vanishing twin, hence referred to as H/VT, part…can we pretend that this is going to be okay?

Please share H/VT info.

Don’t know what to call it. I’m still scared to give it a name. Even a blog name.

But, can you fucking believe it? An almost textbook ultrasound experience. Lawd knows why we can’t just have a straight up perfect one, but you know, it is us after all. This kid is wily.

Unfortunately she did not give me any of the ultrasound pics that show the H/VT. Please know that I want your honest knowledge and experience with this. I am choosing to believe everything will be okay because I have to (lest I shoot myself), but that will quickly change, I know, after some Dr. Goog.le. So please share the truth. I thought it best to get a positive ‘here is our baby’ post out while I’m still feeling it. Aren’t you proud of me for not completely freaking out (yet)?

**Update: 10 minutes into Dr. and I’m Completely.Freaking.Out.



32 Responses to “here’s our baby! **with update”

  1. bleu Says:

    Finally, now I can go to bed!!
    I am so happy for you all. Good news is so overdue.
    I have had a few friends who has Sub C Hemms that were no problem so even though I know squat about them I do know of others who have had them and fine pregnancies.

    All the best.

  2. owlie Says:

    yipeeeee! congratulations!!!! So very happy for you. Hope you can finally get some calm into your lives now and some joy about this little being!

  3. Crystal Says:

    SOOOO happy for you guys and glad that I can go to be with healthy baby sonogram pictures in my head!

  4. Drowned Girl Says:

    I’m so pleased.. she says from her pda in the queue for her own early pregnancy unit…see how much you guys yave been on my mind!

  5. jennifer Says:

    Wow! Great news! SH and VT of course make your experience exceptional BUT I have never known anyone to m/c due to these things. The SH is fairly common…I know a couple of people who have had them. One had bleeding even. And they are all fine. And currently one of my best friend is pregnant with one. She had a VT too. And all is good. Hell, I have a friend who had two pregnancies with fibroids the size the grapefruit pushing up against her uterus and baby sac.

    All that matters is that little baby and that heartbeat flickering away! Congrats again!!

  6. Sully Says:

    What a cutie!

    Dr. Google got his degree from Cracker Jack U…don’t listen to Dr. Google…listen to Dr. PSS.

  7. Lo Says:

    Indeed…do not listen to Dr. Google.
    That embryo is CUTE!!!!!!!

  8. Yay for great measurements, sac shape and heartbeat!

    No personal experience but two of the cutest blogbabies I know, plus one whom I assume to be cute (though his mom no longer blogs) are all products of SH-with-heavy-bleeding type pregnancies. So even if there is bleeding, it does not automatically mean terrible things. I hope that there is no bleeding, because even if it causes no harm to the baby, it will be stressful for you, but try to hang on the the fact that you can have SH with no ill consequences. As for VT, that sucks but I don’t think it poses any risk to the surviving baby.

    Again, yay for good measurements, shape and heartbeat!

  9. e. Says:

    it’s about effing time you all got some good news!!! i am so happy for you!

  10. ~ d Says:

    Horray on the (nearly) perfect ultrasound. I have a cousin who got pregnant at 15 (I know…) and she started bleeding profusely at 13ish weeks. She didn’t have any early ultrasounds to confirm, but they surmised that it was likely a vanishing twin because the baby that was still in there was picture perfect. She made it to full term with her son just fine and had no other problems in the pregnancy (aside from the freak out at 13w).

  11. TTC4years Says:

    yipppee!! I am going with the good news angle here…yea!!!

  12. drownedgirl Says:

    I’m bleeding away like billy-o… even passed stringy clots on several occasions.

    But I’m 9+5 today, and signed off from the EPU who don’t seem concerned.

    I think with SCH, views on the risks vary, and a lot depends on the size, the position, the gestation, and the age of the mother. It’s debated if it’s a risk.

  13. DrLaura Says:

    Resist the urge to consult Dr. Google. Listen to Dr PSS who knows your case. Remember that for every horror story on the internet there are probably hundreds (or more!) happy stories that are too mundane to print.

    Great news – congrats!!!

  14. Co Says:

    Yay for a good scan!

    I know the SH/VT is scary, but it sounds like it’s one of those situations where it’s not a problem unless it becomes a problem. Sometimes, I think all our medical technology just shows us things to worry about which, if we hadn’t peeked in, we never would’ve even known were there. I had an ovarian cancer scare about 5 years ago b/c I had a solid ovarian cyst. If I hadn’t had a trans-v u/s, the cyst (which wasn’t causing me any pain or symptoms and which turned out to be completely benign) would’ve come and gone and I’d have been none the wiser. But b/c of the scan, I got to panic for 3 months. Meanwhile, the cyst went away all by itself, with no meds or surgery or anything. I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to panic or go too much into data mode about the SH/VT. The fact that Dr. PSS thinks the next scan can wait until 12 wks and the fact that she isn’t saying “no sex” or “bedrest” are good signs. I’d trust her more than Dr. Google.

  15. Calliope Says:

    I don’t know jack about the stuff you are asking about, but I am going to believe Dr. PSS when she says it will be ok.
    HOLY SHIT! You guys are going to have a baby!
    Blog naming must be done!
    so effing thrilled for you guys!

  16. shelli Says:

    one of the gals form the old ff board days passed a clot as big as toilet paper roll! And she STILL went on to carry healthy twins. She was certain it was a m/c, but all was well.

    that is a VERY VERY healthy bean.

    I’ll go and try and find the picture for you!

  17. katarinajellybeana Says:

    I’m not much informed about what happens on the other side of the IUI curtain, so I can’t add much about what might have been.

    What I can tell you is that I see one beautiful, healthy little person growing in there! Congratulations!

  18. Stacey Says:

    I have been reading your posts, but never have replied. but, this one caught my eye. I had a subchoronic hematoma with my 3rd baby. I bled – a lot at 11w2d and my SCH was big – 8cmx8cmx1cm. I was on strict bed rest, pelvic rest and no lifting anything for 11weeks. It finally totally went away at 35 weeks. I delivered a healthy 8lb7oz baby girl July 26th. It had no ill effect on the baby, just a lot of stress. There is a yahoo group for sch and there are a lot of ladies experiencing the same thing as you. I believe bed rest saved my baby and caused the hematoma not to grow or bleed out. Just helped it reasborb into my body. There are A LOT of positive outcomes! Check out the group.

  19. gold star Says:

    What awesome news. Congratulations on healthy blueberry!

    I second others in encouraging you to trust your doctor on this one. Step away from the google….step away.

  20. lagiulia Says:

    Congrats on the perfect measurements! Having had twins, I read a lot about vanishing twins during the first trimester of my pregnancy. Most get reabsorbed, often without any obvious bleeding. Vanishing twins are pretty common. If your doctor isn’t alarmed, then there is probably no reason to worry. If you are really concerned, you can always get a referral to a maternal-fetal specialist. But probably unless she starts to bleed, there is no need to do anything about it. (I’m not a doctor – this is just my 2cents!)

  21. Bri Says:

    I’ve known of both issues with no further complications in any case. I am glad that little heart is beating. Try to remain calm. Love you.

  22. Congratulations on your little peanut.
    I can’t wait to find out what you are having. You are finding out right ?

  23. Jude Says:

    Oh, me me me! *raises hand*

    I had a vanishing twin AND a subchorionic hematoma! Can I play? Can I play?

    I started bleeding vaginally at 7w and that’s when I found the SCH. RE said that it would not complicate the pregnancies in any way, it would just resolve on its own. No decrease in activity. I spotted every day, brown. At 10w I had another bleeding episode and they found the SCH had grown AND we’d lost a baby. The two were not related. I guess I was just lucky.

    I bled fairly consistently from 10w to 12w… a couple of big gushers, had a lot of ultrasounds, baby was fine. At 12w on the dot, I bled so much that I passed a couple of clots and had a lot of cramps. I was on bedrest at this point (my idea, not a doc’s) so it wasn’t like it was activity-related. We just knew it was over. I was bleeding so heavily that I went to the crappy ER in town (which I hate), they pulled out a doppler and couldn’t find a heartbeat, told us to call our midwife in the morning. WHAT A NIGHT.

    Next day, at the midwife clinic we had another ultrasound… baby was perfectly fine, SCH was gone. Gone! It had bled itself out. I spotted from 12w until just shy of 14w when it all dried up and I didn’t have another dot of blood ever.

    39w4d I delivered a healthy, lovely baby girl. No complications from either the VT or the SCH.

    Don’t sweat it. Easier to say than do (I was a wreck the whole time, afraid to leave my housse) but it really will be okay. LOTS of people have VTs and SCHs (especially people who use fertility drugs because they beef up your endometrial lining more than a normal cycle) and go on to have healthy babies. LOTS. I swear it. Even if S starts spotting, bleeding, etc.

    Just think, with an SCH you can get lots of ultrasounds, and I know that will reassure you. We hated having so many but it was good to keep an eye on the little punk. I think we had 14 scans.

  24. cori Says:

    Bout time you gals deserve to enjoy this pregnancy. Finally. Tell the world you are gonna be mamma’s!!!

  25. emmakirsten Says:

    Yay for a great scan. I too had SH found around 8 weeks. Had bleeding off and on for a few weeks, then at 20 week u/s it was resolved. She’s now a happy, busy, into everything 17 mos old!
    Congrats again 🙂

  26. Jeani Says:

    Vanishing triplet over here and our subchorionic hemorrhage (resolved by 13 weeks) is turning 1yr old in two weeks. Congratulations, you have a beautiful baby. Kind of looks like a peanut shape to me. I think you should stick to the name blueberry, and even if you don’t name it we can all tell how deeply in love you are!

  27. erincooks Says:

    I’m 8 weeks today and have a subchorionic hemorrhage that was diagnosed at 6w1d and measured again at 6w6d. My doctor told me that they happen often when the embryo implants, and that as part of the “burrowing” process, there is sometimes a bleed behind the embryo. It is perfectly normal, and as long as I’m not bleeding, there is no worry. They do measure it each time to see if it’s growing or not, but there is no worry.

  28. oneofhismoms Says:

    That is one fine looking baby.

  29. hd Says:

    I had a SCH at 7 weeks on the dot. This was after a miscarriage, so of course I freaked the hell out. It resolved itself within a week or so and my child is now 8 months old. My cousin had them in 3 of her 4 healthy pregnancies, and my best friend had one with her first baby. I think they are more common than that, even, but they often just get reabsorbed. I guess we “lucky” ones get to bleed. Hopefully that WON’T be you guys.


  30. megan Says:

    kim had a sh and it was larget than the gestational sac, we lost the baby… that was our truth.

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