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Haha September 14, 2007

Filed under: ttc — charlotte @ 9:33 pm

There is nothing I love more than some dark humor to brighten my day. Many of you fellow twisted lovelies brighten my days with your darkly hysterical posts. These posts are, as LM says, ‘my favorite and my best’.

This week a special thanks Thwarted Repeatedly, for cheering me by calling her 3 day transfer embryos ‘fuglies’, ‘little shits’ and ‘lazy sons of bitches’. Haha! Fuglies. Hah.


2 Responses to “Haha”

  1. TTC4years Says:

    I am first– yippee! I really like the violet post. Your turning violet Violet. Promise me if we go girl on the little blueberry, that you will name her Violet. Or Violetta or some such thing…

  2. gold star Says:

    hey, thanks for the shout out. i find out today if any of those fucks made it to freezing.

    why is LM so damned adorable. i demand more LM quotations.

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