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fertility, filed September 5, 2007

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I have always wanted a label maker, and I finally bought one at Cos.tco as an early birthday present to myself (birthday is tomorrow). I am so happy I just want to sleep with it next to me. Do you people already know the joys of the label maker? Dear god.

You know what was the most satisfying label? The one I made for the large plastic envelope thingie that is now home to our clea.rb.lue monitor, sticks, syringes and TTC paperwork.

“fertility” is now labeled and neatly filed in a bookcase…where I do not have to see it every.fucking.morning.

I am often absolutely, inappropriately enamored with office supplies. Oh, label maker.



12 Responses to “fertility, filed”

  1. gypsygrrl Says:

    ooooh. that is why i am afraid of opening up my brand new label maker until after my first exam. because i will sleep with it next to me, and spend far too much time label-making than studying. but ohhh you have given me lots to look forward to.

    most especially the file i am making called “Miscellaneous Bullsh*t” for all the nursing school handouts that cant be categorized or place in a divided binder. i crack myself up!

  2. Jude Says:

    Happy birthday!!

  3. ohchicken Says:

    happy birthday!!

    that is one hot unicorn.

  4. shelli Says:

    just wait until you discover the LAMINATOR…

    Talk about office supply LOVE!

  5. oneofhismoms Says:

    My P-Touch and I are in love. I hear ya.

  6. jennifer Says:

    I LOVE my label maker!!! I once, as a joke, printed out a million copies of my name and put it on all of my girlfriend’s things (like her golf clubs and nightstand lamp…things that are hers) and told her it was all mine if she ever left me. The label on her lamp is still there!

    Happy birthday!

  7. I love this post on SO many levels.
    The first being that you have a fancy label maker. The second because you are an organizing FREAK!
    Oh and I love that you were able to put everything away.
    AMEN !

    And then there’s the little news about your birthday.

  8. Lo Says:

    Happy birthday! Today is an old high school friend of mine’s birthday too. I am sure you care.
    I am the kind of person who would sleep with a label maker. I will have to look into this.
    And that’s a good ticker. It looks like what a 5th grade girl would put up for a ticker. Okay, that is downright naughty, I will stop now.

  9. TTC4years Says:

    Ok- bliss is labelling the clear plastic holder of the label maker with LABEL MAKER.. also- I highly suggest– Remove lint every load, Lock the door, Take your vitamins, Shirts, Pants, Sharp things ( for knife drawer)…any visitors are convinced I am deranged…Have you tried the font changes? Sideways lettering? Oh the pleasures never end…OH- and of course– BABY ON BOARD right near the belly button…

  10. Sully Says:

    Happy Birthday!

    If in between cake making, and vasilation between euphoria and insanity if you wish to come organize, and label my crazy messy house you will be welcome with open arms!

  11. cori Says:

    Happy bithday!!

  12. gypsygrrl Says:

    i admit it – i caved. after i logged off, i went to get my labelmaker, and get it set up. the first thing i did was by accident set it to FRENCH – it took a few minutes to reset it. and because i was sitting on the couch, exhausted (i did wait until i was home from studying to play) i was sleep-typing on the labelmaker. i have a label that is 2-lined, with my full name, and then “draft is good” — i have no idea what i was trying to type. but i did get a hearty laugh out of labeling the clear plastic with LABEL MAKER and all of TTC4years’ ideas. my first label was for my stethoscope.

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