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24 hours September 30, 2007

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Tomorrow’s ultrasound is taking FOREVER, but we went camping this weekend and that was a big distraction. S’s belly is growing, which I pray is a good sign. I think we will have to take LM to the appt, for lack of babysitting, so everything better be okay. I’ll post about it tomorrow night because I doubt we’ll be in to see the doctor before 5pm. Gah.


Sorry, Previous Post is UNpassword protected September 28, 2007

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Oops. My first foray into password protection did not go smoothly. Mainly because I am an idiot. I posted it and then passord protected it, and then my emails were coming from one account and I won’t bore you with more details. It got too confusing for my sad little mommy brain so it is back up.  It is just a post that I would not like the person I am writing about to find seeing as she is family, and I really do like her. I also feel like password protecting it makes if appear as if it is going to be an extra interesting post, which it isn’t. Anyway, blah blah, I put it back up for all to see, hopefully not the person I’m writing about.


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Protected: Potential Shadow Pregnancy

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ultrasound scheduled September 26, 2007

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For next Monday.

Dr. PSS is fitting us in between clients. I’m feeling a little guilty about it, actually. S does not really want to have the ultrasound (she’s concerned about doing so many ultrasounds and how it might effect the baby). I know that ultrasounds are considered “safe” but obstetrics organizations do, in fact, recommend them only when medically necessary, and there have been some rat studies indicating that ultrasounds can be harmful in large doses. My point is that S is not crazy for being concerned, even though it is probably fine.

The truth is, I need to see what is happening in there. We scheduled the nuchal translucency (big ultrasound and blood test combo where they give you statistics for your risk of downs and some trisomies.) for 12w1d, which is 3 weeks from Friday (almost a month!) and I don’t know that I can hang that long for a peek inside.

Next Monday will be 9w4d, and I know that bad shit can happen after that, but for some reason I don’t feel as worried after 10 weeks. The only reason I am worried is that WTF had a miscarriage at 10 1/2 weeks (they found dead baby at 11 1/2 week ultrasound), and we have half the same genetic material as she did. This totally freaks me out.

S mentioned the other day that she has a touch of ultrasoud PTSD. I do too. Too many questionable ultrasounds, the dead baby ultrasound. We no longer go into an ultrasound expecting to be reassured. I don’t know why I want one next week then…I guess I just can’t stand the thought of waiting until 12 weeks only to find out that the baby is dead and has been for three weeks. I truly thought this pregnancy would be more fun. I was afraid that I would be afraid the whole time, but I suppose I thought it would be wrong. That excitement would take over. That despite myself I would enjoy this pregnancy dammit. Instead S feels like shit, we have been sick twice (being sick with a child, and a pregnant wife is fodder for its own post, certainly), and after each ultrasound we hope to be reassured, but instead we get confusing information that is not entirely reassuring. This pregnancy has been scary and long.

So, Monday. Monday is in 5 days.


cas.tle cake September 24, 2007

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my boy September 23, 2007

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He is three and so smart and lovely. He had so much fun at his mess.y part, like crazy fun, as you can see. I’m proud that he was the messiest of all, and I am proud of myself for doing a messy party at all. It was the best birthday party many of the kids had ever been to. He was covered in crap after the oobleck (cornstarch and water), dry cornstarch, fingerpaints, glitter glue, bubbles and the piece de resisance, the kiddle pool full of spaghetti.



Pics of my castle cake are coming tomorrow. It was gooood.