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1st beta number…**with update August 31, 2007

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…is 2432 on 20DPO. This seems a bit high? But I’m happy it is there. The nurse told me that we won’t be able to get today’s beta (the second one which shows doubling time which is the most important part of the whole deal) until TUESDAY. Stupid Labor Day.

**YOU PEOPLE ARE FREAKING ME OUT. Yes, she did release more than one egg – we know she released two. Is this beta really *higher* than those of you who had twins?!? Did any of you have such a high number with a singleton? Can the higher number just be from two corpus luteums? No that would effect the progesterone. Now I must madly Go.ogle things. I was trying to be calm about it and not freak out because I thought the number was not as important as the doubling time, but maybe the number IS important. I want to be careful about the words I use here, so I will just say I was NOT PLANNING on two babies. Sweet jesus.


19 Responses to “1st beta number…**with update”

  1. jennifer Says:

    First hurdle crossed!! Great great news! Could it be twins?! That beta is higher than mine was at 20DPO and I had two!!

  2. That seems high. Did she have multiple follicles?

    Last time I had a beta of 520 at 16 DPO and 1560 at 18 DPO. It was identical twins.

    Good luck!

  3. Calliope Says:

    holy sweet beta!!! That is like a serious, hardcore, insanely wonderful number!
    WOOO HOOOO! Congrats!
    so much love your way.

  4. Calliope Says:

    betabase lists the highest beta for 20dpo for a single as 10000. So it could still be a single. That scan is going to be mighty exciting!

  5. sandra Says:

    My beta was 963 on 19 dpo – and it was a single.

    Twins? Maybe.

  6. carey Says:

    I looked up Steph’s betas for you –
    15 DPO: 255
    18 DPO: 2235
    23 PDO: 15,751

    And Steph’s only preg with one!! Beta numbers vary so much… but, most importantly – Congrats on a great number!! 🙂

  7. Lo Says:

    I think maybe the doubling time is important. Co knows better. Once there’s a second number, I’ll have her graph it for you. 🙂 Congrats!!

  8. temmerling Says:

    That’s a fantastic number! And not necessarily twins.

  9. lagiulia Says:

    I think doubling time *is* more important. For example, my number had tripled instead of doubled. Most doctors think the doubling time is not too significant in predicting twins, but many twins moms would have to disagree. I remember my progesterone was quite low, so I don’t know that progesterone indicates too much of anything when it comes to multiples. Anyway, nothing is set in stone until the ultrasound really. So try not to sweat it (yeah right). And CONGRATS!

  10. Kim_m_kk Says:

    I had very high betta numbers that tripled instead of doubled and still only one healthy happy baby boy

  11. Jessica K Says:

    Congrats on the solid number… Can’t wait to hear what’s happening in there!

  12. Lella Says:

    Just delurking to add that mine was over 10,000 at 21dpo with my first PG and it was just one healthy baby girl. This PG, a result of IVF, my hcg was 2765 on 20dpo. Again, another singleton. I do tend to run very high levels of hcg, though, so you could very well have twins on the way!

  13. Co Says:

    According to the betabase, about 38.7% of the self-reported 20DPO beta scores for singleton pregnancies were 1880 or higher. So, S’s score is within that group somewhere. In other words, her score is not that far off center for a singleton pregnancy. She could have more than one in there, but she could also very well have a singleton in there. It’s too soon to tell.

    If you must ask Dr. Google about it, go here:

    HcG levels vary WILDLY from pregnancy to pregnancy. No single score can tell you much of anything about the health of the embryo or the likelihood of multiples. You need at least two scores to tell you anything. So, try not to freak out. 🙂

  14. I had twins and my 14 day beta was almost 1,000.
    I’d say that is a fair number for twins 🙂

  15. bleu Says:

    Use the BetaBase it really is the best place for info on numbers. For a singleton pregnancy 20 dpo the average is 1135 with a high at 10,000 listed. The average for a multiple pregnancy 20 dpo is 1811 with a high of 14,606 which just tells you that your numbers are well within range for either and that you won’t know jack until an u/s.


  16. indigoscot Says:

    just one bean for us and my beta at 19dpo was 2887. so, i’d say it’s probably one very healthy bean that implanted early. as further info, i had 4 follicles and all 4 released.

    congrats on the beta, it’s looking good! fx for the second test. 🙂

  17. Bri Says:

    IT SO DOES NOT MATTER. Twins, not twins. Whatever. I no longer believe betas can tell you crap. But just to make you feel better (even though it doesn’t hold true every time), mine were 697 at 16dpo (which would be about what yours is 4 days later) and 11,353 at 23dpo.

    Stole this from another blog. Thought you could look up the averages.

  19. Jude Says:

    All that matters is that THAT is a good, solid beta. YAY!

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