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rescheduled ultrasound August 29, 2007

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First, S did forget to go get her beta at the lab this morning, so I reminded (well, nagged) her and she did it at lunch. She’ll go back in 48 hours. We must now wait until Monday for the results. Damn. I’m getting increasingly agitated as these tests and milestones approach. The next one is the ultrasound which has now been scheduled and rescheduled 3 times because Dr. PSS is super ultra busy this month and originally I gave them the wrong date of when I wanted it (I got confused by all the “wheel” talk). Like you care. End result: we have the 1st ultrasound scheduled for September 10th which is 6w4d. I am terrified that this is too early and we won’t see a heartbeat, but I am really impossible to please about this because I need it to be before 7w5d. So basically there is a 7 day window and they picked the early side of it, and this is the only time they have. Is this OK? Will I regret it? I think that one should be able to see a heartbeat and take an accurate measurement at 6w4d, right?

Sweet lord, the waiting. I’m finding it very satisfying to update the ticker.

p.s. an ode to my new labelmaker is forthcoming.

p.s.s. my birthday is next week.


9 Responses to “rescheduled ultrasound”

  1. carey Says:

    Monday???? Damn… you’re killing me!! 🙂 Actually, Monday is when I get my second beta results too! Hopefully it’ll be a good day for all of us!

    Love the ticker by the way!! I love that little kitty!!

  2. Co Says:

    Our first u/s was at 6w2d. We saw the heartbeat and a yolk sac. That was pretty much all we could see. (I kind of wasn’t sure where the embryo was.) But I think a 6w4d u/s should be okay.

  3. Megan Says:

    geez, keep us in suspense…we saw a heart beat at 5w6d and another on 6w3d so i think you will see it!!

  4. emmakirsten Says:

    I had an u/s at 6w1d and we saw the heartbeat at that point, there wasn’t much to see, just that, reassurance was the main thing. That’ll be here before you know it!

  5. holly Says:

    We will be anxiously waiting!

  6. Calliope Says:

    thinking of you

  7. maeby Says:

    We had our viability scan at 6w2d and DID see a heartbeat – nice & strong. So it’s definitely possible, but nothing to panic about if you don’t because it’s still early.

  8. Bri Says:

    Wes saw it at 6w4d. I really felt like I couldn’t see much, but part of that was protective, I think. I was trying to be all blase. But it was flickering at that point.

  9. Mermaidgrrrl Says:

    Our first scan was 6w 4d and we saw the heart beat. Good luck girls! Can’t wait to see the pics!

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