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The Throwing of the Caution to the Wind **w/ update August 20, 2007

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I’m just going to fucking go with it.

We are pregnant.

The Clea.rblue was more positive more quickly than last night’s test (less than 24 hours ago), and so is the Cheapie. The trig.ger shot hCG does not go UP on 11DPO, 12 days past the shot. It just doesn’t.

I am deciding that, right now, we are pregnant with a due date of May 1, 2008. I am going to roll with my optimism. Smoke it if you got it, right?

Here is the final photo:



37 Responses to “The Throwing of the Caution to the Wind **w/ update”

  1. Bleu Says:

    Congrats!! I like the clever juxtaposition of the tests. May this be a smooth 9 months!!

  2. whathef*ck Says:

    so glad to hear the news, even if its from s misdialing us?! maybe you forgot i was waiting ON THE EDGE O’MY FUCKING SEAT for the confirmation. called you at 6:30, 7 or so. okay enough.

    that’s fabulous news. throw that fucking caution! is s still looking smirky slash scared?

  3. charlotte Says:

    No, WTF, she just looking smirky! NO slash scared, yet. And yes she had problems dialing the freaking phone. She’s special.

  4. whathef*ck Says:

    sooo why didnt you call me?

  5. owl Says:

    yipeeee-no way will it get stronger after getting weaker unless you are making your own hcg because an embryo is implanting itself in your uterus!!!
    congratulations! i’m making wishes that everything goes beautifully for your family.

  6. K77 Says:

    The tests certainly look +ve, congrats!

  7. ohchicken Says:

    i’m smoking it with you. you are pregnant and i am so happy for you. all my best prayers (and i’m not much a pray-er these days) for a healthy, full term pregnancy.


  8. e. Says:

    WOOOOO HOOOOO! looks positive to me.

    i am so so so happy for you two and LM. best wishes for a happy and healthy 9 months, you deserve it!

  9. Hope Says:

    We easterners tried to to stay awake for the results, but we suck. Anyway, here we are bright and early to say YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

  10. KIM Says:

    CONGRATS!! What wonderful news!

  11. Sully Says:

    Since I am SO not pregnant this month, I am taking the Marlboros out of the freezer and smoking to your success! Congratulations!!!

  12. TTC4years Says:

    Well since I cant smoke em, being all infertile and all-does it count if I burn my waffles? Cuz they are crispy–reading the blog instead of watching the breakfast—YIPPPPPEEE!!

  13. shelli Says:

    that is SO pregnant!


  14. Tracey Says:


  15. j Says:


    This is awesome.

  16. nycphoenix Says:

    I’ll bum off a cigarette from someone tonight!

    yay! With a lot of prayers.

  17. Calliope Says:

    so so so thrilled & hopeful and excited for you guys.
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  18. gold star Says:

    Go with it – she’s preg. the more quickly the line lights up, the more definitely she is preg.

    Congratulatory kisses to you, S, and tiny implanting embryo!

  19. amanda Says:


  20. Mel Says:

    Woohoo! Congratulations πŸ™‚

  21. amyjay Says:


  22. Lo Says:

    Happy dance over here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Yay! Hooray!

    Stick, baby, stick!

  24. Co Says:


  25. Bri Says:

    Yay! Now you can be my pregnancy disaster/pregnancy awesomeness twin – the cycles worked out the same way! I love due dates on the first of a month – adds so much excitement about whether you’ll have an April or a May one. I am pulling for you guys. We will all hold our breaths with you for a while.

  26. Cheek Says:

    Wee-hoo! Go, little one, go!

  27. Jude Says:

    YOU ARE AWESOME!! Congratulations!

  28. Clare Says:

    Yay! Yay! Yay!

  29. vee Says:

    Nice one! Congratulations!

  30. Mermaidgrrrl Says:

    OMG – that is so fucking fantastic guys!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Little tauruses are beautiful babies and you will enjoy yours more than you can ever imagine.

  31. Why haven’t you posted again. You are KILLING us !
    I want more pregnancy test pictures πŸ™‚

  32. tbean Says:


  33. sheslostcontrol Says:

    Hi I’m more of a lurker, but I just wanted to de-lurk for a sec and say congratulations! How awesome for you two!


  34. holly Says:

    Where the hell have I been?!?!?!
    We were so very cautious, but so optimistic when we got pregnant after the miscarriage.
    We are very happy for you! Sending best wishes for a happy and healthy 9 months!!!

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