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The Plan August 20, 2007

Filed under: ttc — charlotte @ 5:23 pm

S is inder strict No Pee Orders from 2-6pm at which time (well, like 6:30pm) she will pee on some more sticks. An internet chea.pie and the Clearb.lue (the + sign one that she peed on last night). What we have to gain from this? I don’t know, but neither of us can wait until morning to pee on something. we must pee on something. Stare at another test. Something.

Tomorrow morning she will pee on the An.swer Early Result like she did this morning, and then we are plum out of tests…except for 1 digital one which I am saving. Last pregnancy she did not pee on that type, so we have never seen a “pregnant” window, which sounds oh so satisfying. I’m pretty sure it would say “pregnant” now, but I want to wait until we are more sure it is not leftover hCG. Although more and more I am thinking it is not the trigger.

In other good news, S’s 7DPO prog.esterone results came in today at 35.5. I believe they (the proverbial) are happy with anything over 15, so 35 sounds gooood to me.


2 Responses to “The Plan”

  1. Jessica K Says:

    I hate the 2WW. I really do. It is enough to drive a girl insane. But these are the moments I live for in blogs (hope). I am so hoping this is it for you guys ::fingers crossed::

  2. coreyjo Says:

    oooooo! I’ve been cycling with y’all for 2 months now and I’m out this month, but *somebody* has got to get knocked up this time around. I’m crossing my fingers and clapping my hands for all I’m worth over here.

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