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? August 20, 2007

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Almost negative: Ans.wer Ea.rly Result. Positive but still very very light: Chea.pie Internet (the skinny ones from the earlier pics). The Cheapie one is the same as last night. Freaks me out that the An.swer is sooooooooo light as to be almost not there. Now, I have stared at some totally blank tests in my day and this is not blank, but it is a squinter. I guess I’ll be doing more research about CD11 after the shot.

Bottom line: there are still positive tests (although if I only took the Answer I would not call it positive, although it might become stronger in an hour or so), on 11DP.O, 12DPS (days past shot). Not sure what to think. Right? All of you sound very positive about this from last nights post. Hmmmmm.


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  1. Lo Says:

    I have no idea if it changes anything, but I want to see the one that turns into a plus sign, to compare the same test. (Also there’s what Bri said about later in the day urine being better when it’s this early, so that’s worth a try.)

  2. I think a positive is a positive. I have no idea about those trigger shots though.
    I’m still banking on Sylvia.

  3. I am delurking. I am a FAITHFUL daily reader and I am praying that this is it for you. I feel like I have been living this with you. It looks good so keep that positive outlook!

  4. drownedgirl Says:

    The clearblue I think it was, with the cross.. they are very sensitive, IME.

    FRER are not sensitive.

    ICS are sensitive but never get dark.

    Is your worry this is still the trigger? I believe it takes 10 days to clear. Or that it’s a chemical? I hope not.

    Waiting is awful I know. I suggest another one with the cross, another IC … and get a digital?


  5. Sully Says:

    I see lines on both…and again I have NEVER EVER EVER had a BFP from the trigger after 10 DPO…this round it wsa CLEARY BFN on the First Response at 6 days post IUI!!! 7 1/2 days post trigger!

  6. Co Says:

    You could go blind doing this.

    I agree with Lo. It’s better not to try to compare different brands of tests to one another.

    So, I’m still paying the most attention to the cheapies. I think I still see a faint line on the cheapie, so I’m still cautiously optimistic. I’ll be checking in every day to see what the pee sticks have revealed. 🙂

  7. gold star Says:

    this is thrilling.

    the clearblue looks v. promising, and that’s the one to look at, I think.

  8. nycphoenix Says:

    Either get the digital or can you get a blood test?

  9. charlotte Says:

    nycphonenix – There is no question in my mind that the digital would say “pregnant”. My fear is that it is leftover from the shot.

  10. Carey Says:

    I would def. stick with the same brand of test & do them at the same time of day.

    Someone commented that FRERs are not that sensitive – well, with Steph they picked up her hcg level of 14 on 10DPO – so it was super sensitive with *her* urine (she had the + and then the beta drawn right after). So, I REALLY think that sensitivity just varies from person to person.

    Pick one test… and go from there. Hopefully tomorrow’s results will be more clear!!!

  11. Lo Says:

    I just want to repeat my desire for afternoon urine, both because it worked for Bri, and because why wait ’til tomorrow when you can obsess today.

  12. Rachel Says:

    I think you’re good to go. I had a shot last month and this month and on 10dps mine was blankity, blank, blank, blank. I know everyone metabolizes differently but you’re getting positives EVERY day and it should be getting lighter.

    An early congrats to you!!!

  13. Hope Says:

    Was the answer you used an “answer early” or regular “answer”? According to, the regular one takes 100 mIU to activate and that it is best after a missed period. The Early one is around 25 and CBE are 25 or 50. The internet cheapies are likely 20 or 25…

    I *can* see the lines, though.

  14. Hope Says:

    Duh — just went back and read. Answer early.

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