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This Evening… August 19, 2007

Filed under: ttc — charlotte @ 9:44 pm

Day 10 past ovulation, 11 1/2 days past the trig.ger shot, and we have a clear, undeniably positive test. A Cle.arblue one. This is the kind where you are looking for a vertical line in the big window (the control is the horizontal line). It should make a +, even if the vertical line is faint. So…

S is reading and looking kinda smirky slash scared. She wants to wait until tomorrow morning to believe it. I’m ready right now. But it is so early. So, so, so early.

This is not the tri.gger shot h.CG, right? So far we have only told WTF. Good lord. I think we are pr_g_a_t. I can’t even type it right now. I totally can’t. What if it is the trig.ger shot? But it would not be there 11 1/2 days later. AHHH. Tomorrow morning seems a long wait, and even then we are only 11 DPO. Very early indeed.

***UPDATE: After researching this I have discovered that some people are slow hCG meta.bolizers, and positives on 10dpo really could be from the shot. So I’m freaking out. A lot. I’m going to go try to sleep.


18 Responses to “This Evening…”

  1. whathef*ck Says:

    “smirky slash scared” i love that. such a vivid image. yay, i’m the first to congratulate online and IRL.

  2. drownedgirl Says:

    Oh my word! You must be over the moon and terrified…

    that’s a good line for 10 dpo!


  3. owl Says:

    i have had 6 IUI cycles and one ivf cycles with a trigger. we do what you have done, test and watch it get weaker than hope it gets stronger again (it hasn’t yet). even when we are good and don’t test until day 10-11 there is usually nothing left by then.
    but it is possible i guess-some drug books say 10-12 days it will still be there post trigger.
    but the fact it has got stronger is def a good sign.
    well i am wishing and hoping so so hard that this is THE month and that it sticks better than super glue.
    try to keep sane.

  4. Kim Says:

    Oh, how I hope this is it for you ladies!

  5. Jessica K Says:

    oooooh… I’m on the edge of my seat right now. I can’t wait for you to get up this morning & test.

  6. shelli Says:

    11 days after trigger – IT’S GONE! that is S making her OWN hcg.

    Mazal Tov!

  7. Sully Says:

    My HG was GONE at 6 dpiui…I have NEVER had HCG left at 10 dpo!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  8. jenny Says:

    Ok but although the hcg trigger might LAST for 10-12 days in some folk’s bodies it doesn’t go away, then come back – from the trigger. The trigger goes away, then it comes back for some other reason, you know, like the existence of a placenta. So…. I think you can believe this one is for real.


  9. Calliope Says:

    holding my breath with hope

  10. Jude Says:

    Girl, that line is too dark for 11 days past trigger. I never had a trigger shot still in my system at 10dpo.

    I am majorly hoping this is IT!

  11. maeby Says:

    Crossing everything that this is IT. I would agree with prior posters that hcg just doesn’t go away & come back; unless it’s the real thing. Waiting on pins & needles until tomorrow’s test!

  12. j Says:

    this looks GOOOOOD!!!!

  13. amanda Says:

    Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!! OMG, i am sooo hoping this is it for you!!! i don’t think the HCG would still be around, but i’ll be waiting for the next results! πŸ™‚

  14. But Sylvia Brown SAID SO ! It HAS to be the month for you guys. Right ?

  15. Jennifer Says:

    Yes, some people will still be showing trigger shot hcg at 11 dpo. However, looking at all the other tests it clearly shows that the trigger shot was out of your system by 6 dpo. Anything that shows up now is definitely NOT from the trigger.

    Congratulations. I’m waiting impatiently for subsequent tests so we can all watch that line get darker.

  16. Carey Says:

    Very exciting news!! πŸ™‚
    I agree… I highly doubt it’s the trigger at this point. We’ve never had the trigger in our system after 9DPO.

  17. Tracey Says:

    Coming out of lurkdom… I am pulling for you two! PLEASE let this be it!

    It looks like the trigger cleared your system and the HCG is building back up. My non-professional opinion.. LOL

  18. Lo Says:

    I agree with the other posters, given that the Hcg seemed to leave her system, this looks good…
    Also what I read is that the body synthesizes about 100 units of HcG a day, so with only 250 units, she’d be well rid of it.
    I am waiting very impatiently for an update.

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