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here is this afternoon’s… August 19, 2007

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…pee stick. I photographed this result within the 10 minute window. But I think we need to wait until tomorrow to really know. I’m going to pass out. I’m gonna go get a real test a the drug store right fucking now. (I also peed on one myself, just to confirm, and NOTHING showed up on that one.) This afternoon’s one was definately visible to the naked eye without really squinting, but I’m not sure if you all can see it it the 1st pic.

This one is without upping the contrast:

This one I upped the contrast.

Is this the hCG? Seems unlikely. This seems darker than the 6DPO test. WTF? This test was darker than this mornings too, whatever that means. I think that happened to Bri too. Arg, people, arg.


5 Responses to “here is this afternoon’s…”

  1. TTC4years Says:

    Not to be positive or anything, because that is not generally my nature–BUT the months that I triggered with ye olde HCG, I didn’t even get a smidgen of line past 9 dpo… so- that seems more positive than not in my mind…

    I am pretty giggly for you- but in a holding my breath kind of way. I also highly enjoyed the fact that you peed on a stick too. You must be a scientist at heart, or for real…and an excellent cake maker…

  2. Lo Says:

    I see that one. I really really see that one. Quietly holding my breath.

    Don’t you know you are killing us ?!
    I’m pretty certain you are pregnant though.
    Congratulations girls. I guess that Sylvia is the real thing 🙂

  4. whathef*ck Says:

    a pink line is a pink line is a pink line. the shot clearly seems to be gone so you’ve got a pink line on your hands lady. standing by for the phone call after your dehydrated wife poas again this afternoon/evening.

  5. artsweet Says:

    Get a digital. I want to see the word. PREGNANT.

    You go girls!

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