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brunch cake August 13, 2007

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I made this as a gift for a friend who had a brunch shower for her 2nd baby. She has a great sense of humor so I was going to make her a D*ck in a Box, which she LOVES (you know the Saturday Night L.ive skit with J.ustin T!mberlake), but decided that the ladies coming to the brunch may not “get” that. Maybe for her birthday. Hmmmm.

Anyway, this cake, inside, was the same as the cake: chocolate with chocolate ganache and whipped cream served on the side.  Fancy pants.

The table cloth is made from fondant and everything else is made of gumpaste (a sugar modeling paste that dries very hard).

I made: cheese sandwiches, cookies with jam, swiss cheese and french bread (notice the browned top), cupcakes with frosting and cherries, bagels, jellie roll, fruit bowl, chocolate cake with powdered sugar, a fish, and a plate of celery and carrots. Oh, and presents with bows. All edible, although probably not super tasty.

So yeah.

I guess I make cakes?


35 Responses to “brunch cake”

  1. roundisfunny Says:

    Holy cow. You are a cake-making GENIUS 🙂

  2. amyjay Says:

    That is a cool cake!

  3. e. Says:

    that cake looks amazing!

  4. ~ d Says:

    that’s like… well… art. Wow… I’m just blown away! Martha Stewart move the heck over!

  5. Jude Says:

    That cake is AMAZING. You are seriously and majorly talented. Holy crap, I love it!!!

  6. nycphoenix Says:

    how in all that is holy did you make those itty bitty things?

    and who do I have to offer sexual favors to for you to start a cake business?

  7. j Says:

    you are one crazy talented ‘mo.

  8. So, when are you gonna be on that cake-making challenge show on the Food Network?? Fantastic work, my dear, just lovely!!


  9. owl Says:

    i want one! fantastic.

  10. Angela Says:

    Wow that cake is awesome. The details are unbelievable. Great Job

  11. veeandjay Says:

    You don’t make cakes dear, you make edible art!! If it tastes even half as good as it looks, which I’m sure it does, you’re a genius!

  12. Sully Says:

    You GUESS you makes cakes?? HOLY CRAP GIRL THAT IS FABULOUS! You should contact the food network and join ace of cakes, or one of their challenges!

    You really need to hange a shingle somewhere. I am in awe!

  13. TTC4years Says:

    This is another insane cake!! If you don’t start a business or write a cake book, I will be forced to poke my eyes out! Seriously- the amount of talent here is just maddening. I can’t even imagine how it would taste, but I am sure I would never be able to eat Costco cake again…..

  14. maeby Says:

    Hot damn, girl. Get thee a cake business ASAP!

  15. cori Says:

    I love that cake. You are very talented.

  16. kim Says:

    WOW! Talk about talent! That cake is amazing! GREAT job!

  17. Calliope Says:


    it is really- just so effing beautiful. I bet everyone gets sad when they have to cut it.
    And may I just say- these are some fantastic photos of the cake. They really capture how intricate your work is. Please- get yourself a cake blog and start big pimping.
    So damn proud.

  18. holly Says:

    That is the most amazing cake I have ever seen!! I can’t fathom your talent (and patience) to make such a thing. I guess you do make cakes! WOW!

    I’m totally showing this to my sister-in-law who will be SOOOO JEALOUS!

  19. lagiulia Says:

    Wow. That’s the coolest cake I’ve ever seen.

  20. KJ and the kids Says:

    Un FUCKING Believable.
    You are AMAZING and have an AMAZING talent.
    Nice job !

  21. temmerling Says:

    Holy Fucking Shit.

    One of these days… one of these days you are going to make a cake for me, and it will be one of the experiences that I will always remember. Damn.

  22. Jeannette Says:

    WOW! What an awesome cake!! You are super talented!

  23. jay Says:

    I really really really think you should start selling them!

  24. Rachel Says:

    I am amazed by your talent! WOW! I REALLY encourage you to find some way to do this professionally. You have NO IDEA how lucrative this could be for you…

  25. melo Says:

    Amazing! How long does it take you to make something like that?

  26. charlotte Says:

    I have no idea how long it takes me since I do it in various spurts, all told probably 10+ hours, but I’m still learning, so I’m slow.

  27. You don’t just make cakes…you thoroughly rock them, superhard! 🙂

  28. gold star Says:

    WTF??? That’s astounding.

    Um. How much to order a custom D!ck in a box cake? Seriously.

  29. byrdlady Says:

    i am completely taken aback. You are DAMN gifted!

  30. Co Says:


  31. Mermaidgrrrl Says:

    That would seriously have to be the most incredibly cool and beautiful cake I have ever seen in my life. I so hope you are going to start doing these for real money!!!!!

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