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it looks good-ish August 8, 2007

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There were two giant follicles in there. Giant. One was about 26mm and one was 30mm! Holy fuck. We should have triggered like two days ago. We had the shot with us in the cooler, on our way to WTF’s, and we practically ripped that m-effer out of the cooler so it could come to room teperature as soon as possible. 30 minutes later, in the parking lot of Ri.te Aid, S gave herself the shot. It was actually rather exciting to have to rush it, and we are relieved to be ovulating earlier rather than later. She has a small bruise, but it was almost totally painless, and I’m super proud of her. Giving oneself a shot in a parking lot. Dude.  

TCIW she had 2 follies around 22-24mm each on CD12, quite a bit smaller, but she ovulated on her own on CD15 so they were in the 28-30mm range by that point. These will be in a simlar range tomorrow night when she ovulates. I hope to god she will.

Our plan is to insem tonight and tomorrow night (at 12 and 36 hours post shot). Is this a good plan? She’ll ovulate, right? This could still work, right? Or are her follies all big and overcooked as we speak? Here we go. Good lord.


15 Responses to “it looks good-ish”

  1. Megan Says:

    Sounds Perfect!!

  2. Sully Says:

    To answer your rhetorical question YES with the Ovidrel she WILL OVULATE! Also if you had any that were remotely close to 18 mm she will ovulate them too! So you may get more than 1 🙂

    Congrats on the FABULOUS follicle size! Good luck to you!!!

  3. Bri Says:

    Holy giant follicles! And go, S, with your bad-ass, parking-lot-shooting-up self. Timing sounds good. It’s not enough to say I have everything crossed for you. More like I have my heart set on it along with you.

  4. Calliope Says:

    ROCK ON with the shooting up in the parking lot. Very rock star.
    12 and 36 sounds PERFECT.

  5. TTC4years Says:

    Since it was “rite” aid, it can’t be wrong. That mate of yours is so fabulous- I can’t imagination having the courage to do that! And 2 follicles- outstanding. I will be holding my breath for 2 weeks.

    We want every twinge and pinch and cd 8-10 spotting and etc reported…

  6. cori Says:

    Sending baby making vibes your way!!

  7. Co Says:

    With the trigger shot and two ginormous follies, yes, S. *will* ovulate some time within the next 24-36 hours (could be a little earlier or later, but that’s the general time frame). Since you’re using fresh spermies, 12 and 36 sounds like great timing for insems.

    Hurray. Fingers so effing crossed for you guys.

  8. Just K Says:

    I think everything looks awesome. Good cookin’

  9. Lo Says:

    I think the trigger shot makes them grow a little, so they will be GINORMOUS follies. We’re praying!!!

  10. amanda Says:

    Double the chances–whoo hoo!! Congrats, sounds like you guys are set up for this month!

  11. gypsygrrl Says:

    i dont understand all the technical talk, etc…but i am sending good wishes your way for the insems, etc!!! we will be biting our nails with you for the TWW 🙂

  12. lagiulia Says:

    Please please please let this be the one! Thinking of you lots.

  13. Jude Says:

    Fingers crossed!

  14. Jessica K Says:

    ** de-lurking **

    (((Good vibes))) coming your way! Hoping for a successful cycle. Will anxiously await the TWW

  15. neeekeee Says:


    Just found your blog- wishing you both the best. 8/8 is supposed to be an incredibly lucky day- I really hope it works!!!!

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