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happy computer shower August 3, 2007

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Ah, Bri. This is a virutal baby shower howdy to the folks over at Unwellness. I love them. I truly do. They are funny in the way everyone should be funny: sarcastic, self depricating, very easy to amuse slash totally judgmental about everything. I do not meet people often in my life that I want to live across the street from, people that are so lovely in their imperfection, so honest, so smart, so not fake yet superficial in all the right ways, that I just want to talk to them all the time.

I want to wish them the ability to be present with the ridiculous love that awaits them in the coming months and years. For it is truly absurd the way we love our children. And Wes. Wes is one of the bravest men I have ever met. He really is. I won’t say more than that. Just please tell him for me Bri.

I send you all my love and friendship, and I don’t know how I would have survived this mess without you. And thank you for inviting me into you home, and feeding me, and making New York City so welcoming. I am so effing happy that you are my friend, in every way. And on an all-about-me note your baby dying all those months ago and subsequently getting pregnant and making it to this point gives me something in short supply these days, hope. Not over inflated hope, not saccharin hope, not miracle hope, just enough to make me believe that if it can happen for you it can happen for us.

Thank you for that.

Happy virtual shower.


One Response to “happy computer shower”

  1. Bri Says:

    I so wish you were my neighbor. I wish it all the damn time. At least you live where I know I will see you. Miss you. Thank you.

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