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hcg shot questions July 31, 2007

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I know you have all posted this info on your blogs in the past, but I would greatly appreciate some info about the shot.

1. Mixing instructions

2. Did you do it sub-q or intramuscular? Belly or butt?

3. Any important tips we should know about?

My BIG question follows: Our doctor prescribed Nova.rel (which is 10,000 units), but I know many people use Ovi.drel. Anyone know the difference? My doctor might have some further info for us at our ultrasound next week, but I’m needing not to wait a week. Information is soothing. Also, my docor is really an OBGYN, not an RE so she is NOT up all all the current research about fertility drugs.

Thanks! I don’t know what I would do without you people.


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  1. Bleu Says:

    Ovadrel is recombinant HCG and can be given sub q where forms like pregnyl and novarel are done IM.

    If you do a search on youtube there are some fantastic instructional vids on mixing and doing im and sub q shots for fertility. Stirrup Queens also has links to many of the vids on her right column



  2. oneofhismoms Says:

    I did ovadrel for two cycles. The first one I shot in my thigh and it didn’t hurt much. Nor did it seem to work. The second cycle I did it in my belly (the nurse had said either was fine) and it did hurt, but it also seemed to work much better, as I had ovulatory pain that night and the ultrasound showed that I did ovulate.

    Other factors that may have contributed to the pain/effectivness are that ovadrel is supposed to be kept refrigerated and my first try was with a local pharmacy that had one in stock. I don’t actually think it was refrigerated in stock. The second one came on ice (much like our baby juice, but not as dramatic). As for the pain, the thigh shot was administered by a friend, while the belly one I did myself. I think any shot I give myself will probably hurt. I hope this helps. Oh, both shots were pre-mixed and filled.

  3. Sully Says:

    I have done both. Novarel I had to mix myself…big pain in the tooshy.

    Both are Sub Q. I did mine in the thigh actually, not the belly or the butt as the belly hurt WAY TO MUCH.

    Both brands in the thigh registered on HPT for 10 days post injection, and both were sucessful for ovulation.

    Good luck!

  4. Sully Says:

    OOOH….ice the area you are going to inject into. Even though its Sub Q…there is so much liquid that it will leave a “knot” behind and she will be sore for a few days from it.

  5. byrdlady Says:

    i never got to use my hcg prescription this past month, so i can’t help you with the details. All i can say is GOOD LUCK! i hear it helps a LOT with the timing.

  6. Bri Says:

    I used Ovidrel, the pre-mixed, and it went into the belly. I didn’t find it particularly painful, just psychologically difficult to do at first. Eventually it made me feel hardcore and tough.

  7. Co Says:

    I used Ovi.drel and never had to mix it myself.

    I’ve had injections in both the thigh and the belly. Neither was painful. It’s just scary the first time you do it. It was less scary for me because Lo always did my injections for me, so I didn’t have to stick myself. I always took the medication out of the fridge a half hour before the injection to let it get to room temperature (my first injection burned a little because I didn’t do that and once I started doing that, I never again had that experience).

    Good luck. For me, the fear was the worst part. But it really wasn’t bad.

  8. nycphoenix Says:

    These are Intramuscular Injections Instructions. Subcutaneous Injections follow the same protocol except for the injection site (anywhere in the belly within a one inch radius of navel or any part of thigh for sub-q) and needle (needle will be the tiny 18g):

    Take out vial. Wipe tops of both vials with alcohol swab.

    Larger needle is the mixing needle.

    Draw 1cc of air into empty syringe.

    Put syringe in the water vial, all the way in and inject air into water bottle. Keep plunger depressed.

    Flip water vial up (like you see in the movies)so you’re holding it top side down, syringe still in. Needle should be totally the water. Move vial up or down on the needle till it is. Plunger is still depressed.

    Release the plunger slowly to draw up 1cc of water. When its drawn remove vial take your finger off the plunger and if there are a couple of air bubbles give the body of the syringe a flick or two but don’t worry if an air bubble stays anyway.

    Insert syringe in HCG vial. Inject the water in. It’ll dissolve instantly. Repeat the steps to get the liquid back into the syringe.

    CHANGE NEEDLES. This needle is now dull and it’ll hurt more if you use it by accident. I speak from experience.

    Ice the area you are to inject ( I never did but hey your call). It has to be a large muscle mass such as your thigh or the upper right quadrant of your butt. Where’s that? The right hand corner of the back pocket of your jeans. Feel free to circle it with a marker. Use alcohol swab on location and let it dry.

    Needle goes all the way in. Its a prick and then you feel nothing.

    Our nurse told us once its in to pull up the plunger just a wee bit till we see a small bubble float up. This insures that you haven’t hit a blood vessel. If you did you’ll see a teeny bit of blood come into the syringe. NOT A BIG DEAL. Just take out the syringe and move a little to the right or left of the first spot.

    Plunge steadily at speed desired. You get the sensation of liquid going in but no pain.

    Pull syringe out. Put needles in emply water/soda/bleach bottle and hand in to your doctor’s office

    Have a piece of chocolate.

  9. Jude Says:

    I only ever used Ovi.drel. I liked it because it was premixed and it was sub-q. I am not opposed to IM injections, nor am I afraid of needles, but it’s just plain easier to do your own sub-qs. Ovi.drel was super easy although the needle seemed a little thicker and “stickier” than the little needles that came with my Folli.stim pen and so that shot was always a little tougher than the others, but not bad at all. Easy as pie.

    It always worked for me.

  10. Calliope Says:

    I used the one where you had to mix it & I did it in my gut…two inches to the left of my belly button. The first time I did it I markered the spot. Then I melted an entire ice cube on that spot. Did the alcohol swab om the redness the ice left. Then a pinched a bit of fluff on my gut and did the shot. The ice helps a LOT.
    I’ve only ever injected into my gut. Ask your doc what they want as they will prescribe a certain needle.

    thinking of you

  11. TTC4years Says:

    My first shot I gave myself because no one was around when the time came- I went in the fleshy thigh although I didnt have to, and it was pretty icky- I didnt stick it in far enough, and liquid ran down my leg mostly and I had to do it again- at which point I was swooning– but did I mention that I pass out when I have blood drawn? The second poke I got the meds in, but it still wasnt in enough, so I had a knot of liquid under the skin, which hurt alot. I can’t tell you how crazy I was– it is better to have a “friend” poke you..

    The second round was given in the stomach- but I swear it hurt more at first, but then less after it was over. No lump- and I suppose that was because it was in further.

    My meds, and I forget the name– can you imagine– I think I blanked it out…did not require the fridge.

    I recall something about the nurse suggesting that we practice on an orange…anyone get that? I think the key is to jab it in pretty good, or you end up paying the price I did…

  12. j Says:

    only ever did ovidrill, never used ice, never had any pain, swelling, or knotting under injection site. Always injected into belly. Now that I do at least an injection a day, I use thighs and arms as well, though I still find belly hurts the least.

  13. Kim Says:

    I’ve used both but have only injected myself witht the ovidrel. My OB always gave me the novirel in my right hip (IM)and it always worked. I give myself the ovidrel in my belly. I pinch the skin, inject needle, release skin and then plunge. No pain. The hardest part was ramping up to do it, tunes out for the anxiety was for maught.

  14. Kim Says:

    hmm. perhaps I should have spell checked 🙂

  15. amy Says:

    i don’t remember which one i did but i can tell you that i did sub-q the first time and don’t think it worked. i did im the last 2 times and felt much more comfortable about its effectiveness. my re said it should have worked sub q but the im is a quicker fix so to speak. i recommend im even though it’s more painful, at least you won’t wonder if the shot was wasted! good luck…

  16. Melody Says:

    Our doc mostly prescribed generic hcg (don’t know what it’s called. It’s just the generic for Novarel.) The one time he did prescribe Novarel by accident, my insurance called it a Tier 3 drug, and I ended up paying $45 for the prescription instead of $10. My assvice is to get the generic, which should be a Tier 1 b/c it will be much cheaper– whether your insurance covers it or not.

    We always did ours intramuscular in the butt (it’s probably more correct to say hip). Vanessa is a pro, so I hardly felt it, but the first time was pretty scary. If you’re really needle-phobic, we got lydocaine cream prescribed for our progesterone in oil injections (only wish we’d had to take them longer. 😦 and it is a miracle drug. Completely numbs the area. She won’t feel a thing.

  17. E.D. Blogger Says:

    I am not sure I have anything new to add here but this has been my experience… I generally use Ovidrel pre-mixed syringe the night before my first IUI ( I have been getting two per cycle). My partner injects me in the stomach. It really doesn’t hurt. And I am someone who hates needles and hates pain. I did have to inject myself once and THAT did hurt.

    I have started injectable fertilty medication so I have been receiving shots every night in my stomach and then in my thighs, for the most part it doesn’t hurt, but i think that psychologically it is a bit traumatic.

    Good luck to you.

  18. Ron Says:

    Important: Possible bad experience/problem with Ovidrel: My wife and I were going to a fertility doctor. Did 3 rounds with ovidrel(the ovulation forcing shot). We had no luck all 3 times. We decided that the doctor had too many patients and was not giving us personal care. We went to another doctor, did a round of a natural hormone, Follistim AQ cartridges with the Follistim Pen, and Ovidrel for the ovulation. This time, like the other times with the other doctor, she had her period 2-3 days early, and of course we were really disappointed. Well, this doctor checked her blood and levels and noticed they got too high too quickly. We did another round with the same natural hormone, but with a different ovulation drug, Pregnyl I believe, and we’re now 6.5 weeks pregnant. We think that Ovidrel was the problem. Not that Ovidrel is bad, but it didn’t work for us.

  19. Scrubs Says:

    Informative and entertaining. I’ve added your blog to my “reading material.” Keep me updated!

  20. Ah, This is spot on! Dispells
    many contradictions I’ve read

  21. Ice the area you are to inject ( I never did but hey your call). It has to be a large muscle mass such as your thigh or the upper right quadrant of your butt. Where’s that? The right hand corner of the back pocket of your jeans. Feel free to circle it with a marker. Use alcohol swab on location and let it dry.

  22. Kara olsen Says:

    was just wondering if it matters which side of belly button you put the shot in?

  23. stitchs Says:

    Natural hormone which i can wear because i do not ovulate use clomid and provera but i support and use for 6 year

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